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↨This interactive chatbot was trained by reading through a ton of previous conversations between reps and customers. It has recognized word patterns in these conversations, identifying key phrases and common problems facing customers and how to solve them. Because the company tracks which conversations leave its customers satisfied, the AI chatbot also knows formulas that often lead to success. Think, like, interactions that customers give a 5 star rating. "I'm so sorry you're frustrated with error message 504. All you have to do is restart your computer and then press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT. Have a blessed day!"☭

→In his letter, Durbin also urged Roberts to "immediately open ... an investigation and take all needed action to prevent further misconduct" on the court.☼


⇛Last week, the Republican-controlled legislature in Kansas approved a bill legalizing possession of test strips that help people determine whether their street drugs contain fentanyl.■C0402C0G500-101JNP➼So these are my three daughters — well-settled, beautiful, with homes and families and very proud of their mother.☼2220Y2000560FCT☠Later on, Robbins wrote in a separate update, "Folks, it is a bad idea to allow your kids to go around ringing doorbells in 2023. Read the news. Stop it."◦FDG6314P❦The New York prosecutor who is pursuing criminal charges against former President Donald Trump says a Republican-led congressional committee is trying to interfere with his case.▽

◥A few weeks ago, we published the thoughts of a few global advocates and activists on how they find the hope when things seem hopeless. We asked our readers to share their optimistic strategies and they really, really did — nearly 100 wonderful responses. Stay optimistic! Here's a selection of the themes and thoughts and thank you to everybody who wrote in.▫VJ0402A390JXACW1BC▒The boycotts did not impact sales or account signups in the long run, the researchers found. And in the case of Goya, the brand actually experienced a short-term sales boost from first-time buyers in predominantly Republican counties, Liaukonyte said.☢

⇟Kirby and the NSC report said lessons learned in Afghanistan have been applied in countries like Ethiopia and Ukraine.➛


➵Last year, Merchan oversaw the closely watched criminal tax fraud case against Trump's company, which was ultimately found guilty by a Manhattan jury. Trump himself was not a defendant in that case.➘1537R-76J√"By refusing to let this story be situated in context of government oppression and enslavement of other marginalized groups, past and present, It makes it safe for them to say 'historically, mistakes were made, but look at how successful Japanese American communities are now,' " literary agent DongWon Song tweeted. "This is white supremacy. This is how it operates."⇏VJ0805D7R5DXCAC◄"I had a very strong connection with Fort Lee, which is clearly one of my favorite posts in [the] Army, and I was very happy and very honored."➫GRT1885C1H9R1DA02D☜The balloon was part of a large surveillance program that China has been conducting for several years, the Pentagon said. The U.S. says Chinese balloons have flown over dozens of countries across five continents in recent years, and it learned more about the balloon program after closely monitoring the one shot down near South Carolina.❃

◦A Fox proxy statement filed in 2020 does indeed list Murdoch as serving as the "executive chairman of Fox News Network, LLC."⊿CDR01BP101BJMMAR➸Biden said he was "concerned that it happened," though he added that "there was nothing contemporaneous that I'm aware of that is of great consequence."⇕

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