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DE6B3KJ471KN3A↑PEN events are familiar settings for Rushdie, a former president of PEN, the literary rights organization for which freedom of speech is a core mission. He has attended many times in the past and is a co-founder of PEN's World Voices Festival, an international gathering of author panels and interviews held around the time of the PEN gala.▒B37979G1101J000◆Chávez Rodriguez said she was excited when Barack Obama, a fellow community organizer, announced his bid for president. In 2008 she began knocking on doors for his campaign. "He really elevated the role of organizing and service," Chávez Rodriguez told the GWU students.◣


⇖Georgia's Senate Bill 222 would make it a felony for local election workers or government officials to solicit or accept money to cover the cost of running elections from any source other than the state or federal government.♀SL44-M3/9AT↭OSWIECIM, Poland — In a modern conservation laboratory on the grounds of the former Auschwitz camp, a man wearing blue rubber gloves uses a scalpel to scrape away rust from the eyelets of small brown shoes worn by children before they were murdered in gas chambers.☻TZM5264F-GS08░The entire Russian Pacific Fleet was put on high alert on Friday for snap drills that will involve practice missile launches in a massive show of force amid tensions with the West over the fighting in Ukraine.◑VJ0603A2R2DECAO░"There's some symbolic resonance in bringing in girls to sing in this space that is really sort of at the heart of the monarchy," says Rebekah Peeples, a sociologist at Princeton University who is writing a book about all-boy choirs. "These are groups that were born in a history of exclusion, because girls and women couldn't sing in public for centuries."⊙

▌"But the backbone of our approach is really this house-to-house coverage [with oral vaccine], O'Leary says, "It has been demonstrated over time is that this is the best means of ensuring that we're able to reach each and every child. And that is fundamentally the key to actually achieving the goals we've set for ourselves."◢C1206C104K3JAC7800◥Singapore authorities criticized Branson's allegations, stating that he had shown disrespect for the Singaporean judicial system as evidence had shown that Tangaraju was guilty.Ю


➚The Pacific Fleet drills started days before a planned trip to Moscow by Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Li Shangfu. The Russian Defense Ministry said Shoigu and Li would discuss "prospects of bilateral defense cooperation and acute issues of global and regional security."◊CWR11HC225KBB✉To celebrate the closing of "Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined" the first weekend in June, the artist will join exhibition co-curators Vivian Crockett and Margot Norton for a public talk on June 1. More details here:↑1210Y0100470FCR▥Old Dominion frontman Matthew Ramsey used the band's win for group of the year to address recent divisiveness and gun violence. He referenced the party atmosphere of the show but said he also recognized that "there are people obviously hurting in the world right now trying to figure out how to make sense of the divisiveness and shootings and things like that."⊞F950G156MPAAQ2➮CHP will assist local police in drug trafficking enforcement in key areas of the city, including the Tenderloin district, where Mayor London Breed declared a state of emergency in December 2021 over crime and drug overdoses.✲

♢This is very, very huge. For the first time following the invasion, we saw the rise of what we call or what one academic friend of mine called the Shia Crescent in the region. So for the first time, you have the two largest Shia states in the world, Iran and Iraq, almost in an alliance that they did not have before ever,➮TAZH476K010CRSB0000■"There are people who are tremendously intellectually talented and gifted in so many ways who are using those talents to fight for your rights, to fight for my rights," said Serano.⇩


➷Following the release of the interview, Tuberville's office attempted to clarify his remarks in a statement to on Wednesday saying, "Sen. Tuberville's quote that is cited shows that he was being skeptical of the notion that there are white nationalists in the military, not that he believes they should be in the military," the statement from a spokesperson said. "He believes the men and women in uniform are patriots. Secretary Austin seems to think otherwise, subjecting them to extremism training as his very first act in office."↙TMK042CG200JC-W↿On Thursday alone, PacWest slumped just over 50% while Western Alliance lost 38%.➢SCB75C-150↮The Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 on Tuesday to repeal a section of the city's administrative code that prohibits staff from visiting and city departments from contracting with companies headquartered in the states, which include Texas, Florida and Ohio.유1825J0500220JCR▣Loafers Lodge resident Tala Sili told news outlet RNZ that he saw smoke pouring through under his door and opened it find the hallway pitch black.の

◙"Yeah, I think so," Hamlin says with a smile.➝C336C622JAG5TA◑Portions of U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk's nationwide injunction blocking mifepristone's approval would have gone into effect on Saturday had the Supreme Court not stayed the decision Friday afternoon.▧


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1825J6K00390JCR☁The follicle bulge isn't giving those McSCs the signal to mature, and it's not sending the McSCs back to a compartment that would. The jammed cells allow the hair to keep growing, but the hair isn't given its dose of pigmentation. As a result, you go gray.◆C0805C821G1HACAUTO◑Rivers ran for the county commission in 2020 as a Republican and was elected without opposition after the Democratic nominee was disqualified over a previous felony conviction.❧


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