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♙Saturday's attack is considered to be the second-deadliest mass shooting of 2023, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive.▁


↕"Look, I get that age is a completely reasonable issue," he said, before sharing his perspective: "You might think I don't like Rupert Murdoch. That's simply not true. How can I dislike a guy who makes me look like Harry Styles?"⇓1808J0630474KDR⇙In order to earn some yield, banks "needed to take more risks, and some banks did this more prudently than others."↵C1210X112M1HACAUTO☀Farmers from across the country reached out to the family after Brandt’s death, Jay said, some who had only met Brandt for a matter of hours.◑VB20M120CHM3/I✃Meanwhile, Eisa is waiting for an evacuation ship to the Saudi port of Jeddah and plans to return to his family in Pittsburgh. He is relieved to be in the relative safety of Port Sudan but is wary about the deteriorating humanitarian situation as supplies dwindle while more internally displaced Sudanese arrive.▀

♪"I tell them I'm the repairman," Dudnik says.✑0603J0160100JCR₪The invitation, printed on recycled cards with gold foil detailing, features symbolic flora, fauna and coats of arms. It will be sent to over 2,000 guests inviting them to the May 6th event at Westminster Abbey (where first lady Jill Biden will represent the U.S.).♧


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CDR34BP752AFYPAB☣"Russia," he says, looking up at her, his small face eagerly awaiting the next question.✡CDR31BP4R3BDZMAT➡The stamp's release comes 146 years after the U.S. Army forcibly removed Chief Standing Bear and some 700 other members of the tribe from their homeland in northeast Nebraska. Standing Bear's son was among those who died of hunger and disease after the tribe's 600-mile journey on foot to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma.☆


┱Authorities say all six children — Brian II, 13; Brantley, 9; Vegeta, 7; Ragnar, 5; Kurgan, 2; and Britannica, 1 — were found in a burning bedroom, while their parents were found in the front of the home.❒T491D107K006AT4100☇The total death toll is 43, because a further four people died after they and others were discovered starving at the Good News International Church last week.▐S10MC V6G↛Martin: We're all sort of limited by our language, right? Maybe some people use the word God because we don't know what other words to ascribe to these ideas or experiences.▣LQW15AN3N5C8ZD☢"A lot of this work is really well-intended, trying to use machine learning, artificial intelligence to improve people's mental health ... but unless we do the research, we're not going to know if this is the right solution," he said.☺

✌On the steps of the Supreme Court on Saturday at a rally organized by Planned Parenthood, doctors and patients voiced outrage at the decision and shared their experiences with abortion as counterprotesters continuously shouted "abortion is murder."✦T491C225K025AT7280▀Williams says it was clear right away that it was going to be a winner. "When I heard those stroke symptoms in the hook of that track, I knew that there was no way this wasn't going to be just sticky, but it was also going to be contagious. And we weren't wrong. It was incredibly effective."∴


£"Dr. Carhart will be deeply missed by family, friends, colleagues, and patients," his daughter Janine Weatherby said in a Facebook post. "Lee had a very simple belief that patients know what is best for their life plan and was there to support them."◣C0805X621M3HAC7800☭Jane Green again.➩1808Y1000393JDT◎CANBERRA, Australia — Australia has become the last of the "Five Eyes" security partners to ban the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok from its federal government's devices.♣1206J1K00682KXR✎Composer Koji Kondo got the job as a college senior in Osaka, Japan. He responded to an ad on a university bulletin board. Now 61, Kondo said there wasn't much usable data for making music and sound effects at the time.➤

➹British billionaire Richard Branson, who is outspoken against the death penalty, had also called for a halt of the execution in a blog post, saying that "Singapore may be about to kill an innocent man."✉NR10050T3R8N⇜"We need to be a faster, flatter company where everyone is closer to our riders and drivers so we can deliver on this purpose," he said in a publicly shared message to employees Friday.♡


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