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0505J1000240KQT☽Singh's speeches have become increasingly popular among supporters of the Khalistan movement, which is banned in India. Officials see it and affiliated groups as a national security threat. Even though the movement has waned over the years, it still has some support in Punjab and beyond — including in countries like Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, which are home to a sizable Sikh diaspora.♨4379-271KS◐Thick plumes of smoke from blazes in the Canadian province of Alberta crossed into multiple states including Montana, Colorado, Idaho and Utah.→


◥As a result, federal offenses make up only a "small fraction" of all drug smuggling prosecutions. Which is why if Trump somehow convinced a divided Congress to pass a death penalty bill--a long shot on its own--it would only apply on the federal level, thus not having much of an impact on sentencing for individual states.♥1825Y2500683JXR⇗Networks – combining nine separate teams into one portfolio group◆M39003/03-0441/TR✐The INRAP team discovered one section that had never before been excavated.◘C0603S103K4RACTU☃GREEN: Most of my analysts were very experienced Iraq hands. They had studied all aspects of Iraq for years. Every one of them assessed that he would never we give WMD to terrorists or anyone else. Saddam was ruthless and cautious with a touch of paranoia. He did not believe in long term alliances. He assumed that any one of that weapons that anyone who received weapons from him would one day use them against Iraq.↕

The hostel provided a combination of short-term and long-term rentals, MacLean said. He didn't have all the details, he said, but he believed it was used by various government agencies to provide clients with needed accommodation.◦GQM1885C2A2R2DB01J☞After initially hesitating to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, Germany has become one of the biggest suppliers of arms to Ukraine, including Leopard 1 and 2 battle tanks, and the sophisticated IRIS-T SLM air-defense system. Modern Western hardware is considered crucial if Ukraine is to succeed in its planned counteroffensive against Russian troops.◙

▁"If you want to have your product sold in Nairobi, Kenya, or Dakar, Senegal, it doesn't just appear," notes Bausch. You have to set up a pipeline – including getting the test approved by regulatory agencies. "In many low- and middle-income countries, those agencies are relatively new." says Bausch. "They're not used to this and there can be long delays."⇙


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T491C107M006AT✃European finance ministers said this week that their banking system has no direct exposure to the U.S. bank failures.↜1N4448TR_S00Z↓Marble Canyon, Ariz. — Three California condors have died from avian flu in northern Arizona and authorities are trying to determine what killed five others in the flock, the National Park Service announced Friday.▧


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1808Y6300561GCR⇊Gulden added that the company is still working on the details of how and when the selloff will take place.↜FSBS3CH60█Gerber added in the tweet: "Who is running Tesla and when is Elon coming back?"✍

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