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✲For those who have covered Trump rallies, these are not uncommon sentiments. But they are out of step with where most Americans are.◊T95R187M016CSAL➹While online school rarely happens, because of frequent power outages, her singing lessons have resumed in person. In an after-school center not far from her home, she warms up by singing Do Re Mi Fa So, as the instructor plays the notes on a piano. Sofiia is working on a solo, and she takes the microphone as the instrumental track plays from the speakers. The other girls watch as she sways and belts out the song, a semblance of normal in a still chaotic time.⇤M39006/22-0218⇍"So I really had to be very innovative and make full use of the musical and programming ingenuity that we had at the time," Kondo told the Library of Congress through an interpreter. "I used all sorts of genres that matched what was happening on screen. We had jingles to encourage players to try again after getting a 'game over,' fanfares to congratulate them for reaching goals, and pieces that sped up when the time remaining grew short."⇎1111J5002P10CQT↤As the tension of this well-crafted but nasty long day's journey into night mounts, its combination of booze, taunts, and the shadow of an unborn child made me think of Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, though The Three of Us is far less shocking or powerful. In fact, this novel, structured like a three act play, would probably play better on stage than on the page.

▄"I don't know how the credit score is like, scoring," says My Nguyen, a neuroscience student at the University of Illinois Chicago who's from Vietnam. At 20, she's the first in her family to have to sort it out. She wants to qualify for a student loan to attend medical school.»GJM0335C2A3R1WB01W←"I was disappointed but unsurprised by billionaire Republican activist Harlan Crow's refusal to respond to my questions," Wyden said in a statement released Tuesday. "The bottom line is that nobody can expect to get away with waving off Finance Committee oversight, no matter how wealthy or well-connected they may be. I will send a full response to Mr. Crow's attorney in the coming days."➪

↼It wasn't until later, from the safety of the Prudential Center where he and other spectators took shelter, that he realized he'd captured the second bomb detonating, mid-explosion.◫


↼"I am very worried about Florida," Alker says. "We've heard the call center's overwhelmed, the notices are very confusing in Florida – they're very hard to understand."➡1206Y2506P80BFT✙The rocket fire from Syria comes against the backdrop of soaring Israeli-Palestinian tensions touched off by an Israeli police raid on Jerusalem's most sensitive site, the sacred compound home to the Al-Aqsa mosque. That outraged Palestinians marking the holy fasting month of Ramadan and prompted militants in Lebanon — as well as Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip — to fire a heavy barrage of rockets into Israel.☢NE68018-A➯LOS ANGELES — "Are there any more real cowboys?" Neil Young sang Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl on a rare evening when he was neither the headliner nor, at age 77, even close to the oldest artist on the bill.2225J0630820JFR▮In the letter to legislative leaders accompanying his proposed amendments, Gianforte said he met with transgender residents, understands that their struggles are real and said Montanans who struggle with gender identity deserve love, compassion and respect.▐

❂Lafitte was convicted in November on six federal charges, including conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, and committing bank fraud and wire fraud. He is awaiting sentencing.⊡1N4715UR-1❖There appeared to be a big turnout Sunday with long lines at polling stations. Some people complained of delays and difficulties with the electronic voting system.↙


  1. SK36A R3G
  2. BDW93CPWD
  3. C0201X7R250-821KNP
  4. CKG45KX7T2W334K290JJ
  5. 5500R-396K

1206Y0256P80DCT♧Justice Elena Kagan's dissent, shared by Chief Justice John Roberts, stated: "It will stifle creativity of every sort. It will impede new art and music and literature. It will thwart the expression of new ideas and the attainment of new knowledge. It will make our world poorer."⚘VJ0402D7R5CXAAC❂It was phony populism, insisted commentators such as Paul Krugman and others. Historian Julian Zelizer argued at the time that Trump was not really a populist but his "conservative populist rhetoric" was nonetheless a hit with many of the voters he targeted.◙

◑Derek Chollet, counselor to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, told NPR's Morning Edition on Wednesday that statements about any U.S. role in Pakistan's politics are "completely false."⊙

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