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◀"It just breaks your heart. When you hear someone screaming 'mommy' or 'daddy,' it just becomes too hard day in and day out to be able to do that," he said.▨

←"When you look at a rule like non-unanimous juries in both states, what you see is just a constant failing and an intentional assault on people of color," says Kaplan, the director of the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School. "And both of our systems, in very similar and different ways over more than 100 years, have played that out in different ways."•

☀Gouveia is co-founder of Livelab, a group based out of Brazil that uses games to mobilize large crowds to solve intractable problems.♖

➳"By investing in crime prevention and a fairer criminal justice system, we can tackle the root causes of crime, improve individual and community outcomes, and ease the burden on police," she said.↴


➙Vallow Daybell and Chad Daybell were indicted in May 2021 on nine criminal charges, including murder and/or conspiracy charges in three deaths.◀2225J0160334JXR⇙Australia's government will crack down on recreational vape sales and enforce a requirement that products such as e-cigarettes be sold only in pharmacies with a prescription.↗CGJ4J3X7S2A474K125AA↯Three challengers are seeking to end his long tenure, but most observers agree the race will boil down to Erdogan vs. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, a candidate backed by six opposition parties.◘1808Y0250102KDRΘThe government, on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration, earlier Friday requested an immediate administrative stay to preserve the status quo while the court considers the request.☺

▃"Thank you Lainey, you absolutely killed it," HARDY said. He credited her with making people believe in the song, which references domestic violence and seeking revenge.▒2890-18K☝Many passenger aircraft use an app called Sky Path to monitor turbulence with a cockpit-mounted tablet as a motion sensor. The app works similar to how Google Maps processes traffic congestion — by automatically collating real-time reports from other users' devices.↙


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