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23S2R2C۰Taiwan is notable for its liberal attitudes towards gender, sexual orientation, and marriage.▭VJ0805D3R3BXXAP◑Legislative rules state that a bill failing to defeat a filibuster must be tabled for the year. So opponents were surprised by the plan announced just last week.◊


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2225J6300394JXR◆Kenya is largely a conservative society and the president has in past said that gay rights are a non-issue in the east African country."↪152D127X0020R2T❀Lately, Seeley's once reliable weather resource has turned into something completely unsettling.▍


♧"Uncle, I'm thirsty and there's no bottled water left," said one child, catching her breath.↙C324C912G2G5TA7301❂Taking the witness stand on Thursday, Gibb testified about the couple saying that in a previous life they had been married and "sealed" together — joined for eternity. Together, they told Gibb, whey would lead 144,000 people in the end times, as described in the Book of Revelation.♣12061A220GAT2A✐"We do not teach critical race theory. We don't embrace critical race theory, and I think that's a spurious conversation," he said. "We are focused on extremist behaviors and not ideology — not people's thoughts, not people's political orientation. Behaviors is what we're focused on."⇪562RX5FCJ501EG222K❏He would not answer directly about whether Biden would have done things differently and pointed to the document to speak to lessons.×

✑At least 41 civilians were killed Sunday, bringing the two-day death toll to 97, the Sudan Doctors' Syndicate said Monday. Hundreds of people have been wounded since fighting started Saturday, the group said. In addition, dozens of fighters are believed to have been killed, according to the group.➟IMC1210SYR27J〓According to the suit, officers made "false representations" to her regarding Nichols' physical condition.★


▃"It was written," French sports daily L'Equipe wrote after the right to select Wembanyama was won by the Spurs. That team previously excelled with French players such as Tony Parker and Boris Diaw.✁0603J5000470GCR▥In response to the petition, Taco John's rolled out a two-week long Taco Tuesday deal offering two tacos for $2.▪PE-0805CM560JTT❈"We're a decade ahead of what's happening in the rest of Colorado" because of the intensity of water scarcity, says Simpson, who manages the Rio Grande Water Conservation District.↷CKC21X823GCGACAUTO▫Chung was already struggling with this guilt when her father was belatedly diagnosed with late-stage kidney failure, his condition compounded by the diabetes he couldn't afford to adequately treat for decades. He died a few years later, at 67 — nine months before the publication of All You Can Ever Know, which would change Chung's finances in a way that might have allowed her to help him.↔

⇙He points out the kitchen, the balcony where he and his wife used to drink coffee in the mornings, and the walls where they had hung family pictures. Only outlines of the frames remain. He points to the remains of a lamp, in the remains of the living room.£SK54BHM4G♐Ferencz died Friday evening in Boynton Beach, Florida, according to St. John's University law professor John Barrett, who runs a blog about the Nuremberg trials. The death also was confirmed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.⇤


✌Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte said Thursday in a statement that he had "received an informational briefing" Wednesday "on the situation involving a suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana," and added that he was "deeply troubled by the constant stream of alarming developments for our national security."✒BTA08-600SWRG☎In a statement released on Thursday, the Taliban has dismissed these concerns as an "internal issue of Afghanistan."➜GBL01/1♞An apology crafted by lawmakers must "include a censure of the gravest barbarities" carried out on behalf of the state, according to the draft recommendation approved by the task force.☢ATCA-06-101M-V☞Nina Totenberg, Sarah McCammon and Becky Sullivan contributed to this report.◦

⋄The Israeli airstrikes drew condemnation from the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Egypt, which often mediates between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in Gaza. The Arab League denounced the airstrikes as "atrocious." The European Union said it was "gravely concerned." France issued a stronger statement, saying it "condemns all attacks that target civilians, and specifically those ... in which several Palestinian civilians were killed."⇍SR655A103GARTR1❂Rice and Oditt are presenting these recordings at this week's Acoustical Society of America meeting in Chicago.☇

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