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⇣So it's a fire that never stops burning. It started slowly at age 17 and it's grown until today.▧

➹Ukraine has argued it needs more weapons as it anticipates Russia's forces launching a new offensive in the spring.♞


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SR217A121GAR▧The words King and Malcolm X said about each other are vital to understanding the relationship between two leaders who took different approaches to confronting systemic and deadly racism in America. Their rivalry was played up during their lives and in the years that followed, despite their overlapping goals.✯S829D25C0HN6TJ5R▤Nasyrova was arrested in March 2017 on charges including attempted murder and grand larceny.▄


ぃThe allegations against Weinstein surfaced the same day Carroll said she was embarking on a reporting trip for her book, which she originally envisioned as an homage to women who stood up to misbehaving men. The cultural shift changed the thesis of her book and later compelled her to disclose what she said Trump did to her, she said.⇝2BZX84C30➲The anti-abortion movement once appeared more sensitive to arguments that its policies neglect the needs of women and children. An icon of the anti-abortion movement — Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), who died in 2007 — made a point of partnering with liberal Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) on legislation to expand Medicaid coverage and provide more benefits to address infant mortality in the late 1980s.卍0805Y1000151JQT⇔Climate scientists say cyclones can now retain their energy for many days. Cyclone Amphan in eastern India in 2020 continued to travel over land as a strong cyclone and caused extensive devastation.♀1206Y1K20121JCT➙"We took a pause because of frustration — this White House will not acknowledge they are spending too much," McCarthy told Fox Business Friday evening.☄

☻Alongside the regular Union Jack-themed knickknacks, London's street vendors are also selling mugs, flags, plates and thimbles with King Charles' face on them. Royal superfans are even making their own merchandise, from "Coronation Flakes" cereal to King Charles-themed tea cozies. Nespresso has limited-edition coffee capsules called Jewels of Nespresso to commemorate the event.⊟1206Y0630120GFT▫The Auburn University sophomore thanked the medical staff that was treating and managing her diagnosis.▆


▼Matt Nock, the Harvard researcher, recognizes the place of AI in crunching numbers. He uses machine learning technology similar to Pachipala's to analyze medical records. But he stresses that much more experimentation is needed to vet computational assessments.웃SPD125-684M♥However, that's much fewer than the hundreds of thousands who were rescued at sea a few years earlier.↛BZX585-C16,115❀At the time, airlines were understaffed. The airlines took $54 billion in taxpayer money to keep employees on the job through the pandemic, but they reduced workers anyway by paying them incentives to quit.↘C0402C159C3HACAUTO♢But Brandt’s moment of internet fame hid — as many memes do — the storied background of its subject. Brandt, a farmer and Vietnam War veteran, had won acclaim long before becoming a meme for pioneering techniques to preserve farmland threatened by soil degradation. The photo that vaulted him to fame was taken in 2012 by the U.S. Agriculture Department, which launched a national education campaign on soil preservation from Brandt’s family farm.↶

▭When deployed to Iraq in 2003, Bogdanos engaged his troops in tracking down objects looted from Baghdad's Iraq Museum. Today his team of civilians - detectives, agents and historians - has recovered more than 4,500 antiquities in the U.S., valued around $300 million.█C931U681KZYDCAWL20⇌Travis Considine, a spokesman for DPS, characterized Kindell’s dismissal letter as a “preliminary decision” that will not be finalized until the officer is given a chance to meet with McCraw. In the meantime, Kindell has been “suspended with pay.”➴


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