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▦But the massacre also left her convinced of something else: “No officer has to save you. They have immunity, they won’t face punishment. This country needs to be aware of that.”❀12061A332KAT2A✦Natalie Wilton, a therapist who specializes in senior sexuality, says it's no surprise that people feel pessimistic about sex as they age.●1808J2500153JDT♖The Oman-brokered talks have aimed at preventing both sides from resuming full-fledged fighting. The efforts gained momentum in recent weeks after Saudi Arabia reached an agreement with Iran to restore diplomatic ties after a seven-year rift. Iran, the main foreign backer of the Houthis, has said its deal with Saudi Arabia would help end Yemen's conflict.▃1812Y2500103MXT➶It's rare for any legislative body in the U.S. to expel a member — most states have reportedly never done so. Even in that context, the circumstances in Tennessee — where the Republican-led House expelled two Black lawmakers — stand out.▼

▃The U.S. Embassy in Moscow issued a statement Tuesday saying it was "deeply concerned" by Tuesday's decision to extend Gershkovich's pretrial detention. "This follows last week's denial of the Embassy's request for a consular visit to Evan Gershkovich, marking the second time Russian authorities have unjustifiably denied consular access in this case," the statement said. "The United States strongly objects to Russia's ongoing denial of consular access to Mr. Gershkovich. We reiterate that the claims against him are baseless and call for Mr. Gershkovich's immediate release."♦C325C184F3G5TA⇋A Luftwaffe jet flew Zelenskyy to the German capital from Rome, where he had met Saturday with Pope Francis and Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni.▶


☼Scarpino agrees there could be problems.↿1111Y1K00181JQT✙"We call on NHTSA to exercise its authority to order a mandatory recall or ensure Hyundai and Kia institute a voluntary recall."◥C1206C685M4RACTU♚On that call, Lavrov asked Blinken to "respect the decisions of the Russian authorities" who say Gershkovich "was caught red-handed," according to a summary of the call from Russia's foreign ministry.▋1210J0630105MXT◦Her first floor vote upon her return Wednesday was an "aye" to support Biden's nominee for the assistant education secretary for special education and rehabilitative services♣

♡Ann Powers, on her first impressions:✐1N5245B BK PBFREE◘Fentanyl is the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 40. It's a dangerous synthetic opioid that is more than 50 times more potent than heroin, the Justice Department said.◘


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M39014/22-3733↕U.S. fighter jets shot down the suspected Chinese spy balloon that had drifted across the United States for several days on Saturday, bringing an end to the opening chapter of a tense public standoff with Beijing over the intrusion into U.S. airspace.✄PM20-2R2K⇎Toward the end of her speech, Protasiewicz was joined onstage by the three liberal justices she'll soon join on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.£

▬"Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior," the company said.⇋


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SB3100-A¤That election, and a similar midterm in 2014, could be read as renewals of the conservative populist impulse — and as the final setting of the stage for the age of Trump.♪1206Y0160822JXR₪Federally licensed firearms dealers in Texas must conduct a background check on potential buyers, but private sellers in the state do not have to conduct background checks before sales.☂


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