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♥This story is part of the My Unsung Hero series, from the Hidden Brain team, about people whose kindness left a lasting impression on someone else.♀


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1206Y1000471FAR↯"Depending upon the type of meteorite this is, specimens could easily be worth their weight in gold," said Pitt.↰PM74SB-390L-RC⇃"I am a gay Black man who has a platform and who speaks truth to power. I'm not a Democrat nor a Republican. And I think initially, Donald Trump thought through his interviews with me that he could try to co-opt me, and he didn't," Lemon said.❣


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GA1206A331JXLBT31G⇏Wong, who wore a pink top, appeared calm in court. In his mitigation, his lawyer said Wong had admitted liability and would like to apologize to the police officer and his family.◑C1206X224M4JACAUTOˍThere are many moving parts in The New Earth, and it's to Row's immense credit that it's not difficult to keep up with him. He does, helpfully, provide a timeline at the end of the novel, which switches from the past to the present fitfully. There are digressions in the book that deal with climate change, philosophy, race, and the Israel-Palestine conflict. And there is an undercurrent of meta-narrative present in the text: "Because the novel holds us all in place. He, who is speaking; I, writing; you, reading. The novel does our thinking for us. At the beginning it holds us around the legs."◇


유Samantha Miller, 34, of Charlotte, N.C., was riding in a golf cart-style vehicle back to her rental house with her husband just hours after their wedding Friday evening when she was struck and killed, said Andrew Gilreath, director of public safety for the City of Folly Beach, S.C., in a news release.◪2225Y1K00182GFR▷About 30 years ago, a plan was hatched to help the women.➼1808Y5000392JXT❀It's part of the All of Us research initiative that aims to use data from a million participants to understand how differences in our biology, lifestyle and environment can affect our health.➷C1206X150J1HACAUTO◎O'Brien was talking to Rometty about her weight, exhorting her to get in "good physical shape" if she wanted to become a high-level executive. Rometty recounts she'd been "chubby" as a little girl. "Gaining and losing weight was a cycle" she was all too familiar with.⏎

⇒Federal law has long banned discrimination based on national origin, with the Justice Department saying "people cannot be denied equal opportunity because they or their family are from another country." What the banks' credit card rejections often cite is a lack of "revolving trades." Translation: no credit history.√LQW18AN43NG80D☺Still, the new labeling requirements have gotten some pushback from trade groups representing alcohol sellers in the European Union, who say it will make trade more difficult within the bloc.□

♠"For over 230 years, and for as long as the Supreme Court has existed, Congress has regulated vital aspects of its operation, including its ethical obligations," she said.⇋

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