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C1210C912M4HACAUTO㊣The shooting took place in Cleveland, a town of about 8,000 people located roughly 45 miles northeast of Houston. According to U.S. Census data, Cleveland is 60% white and 30% Hispanic or Latino.¤PZU4.7B2,135➟Nebraska's restrictions on gender-affirming care wouldn't take effect until Oct. 1. The abortion ban will take effect as soon as the governor signs it. Bill opponents promised to sue to stop both measures.✯

♡Human remains discovered at Lake Mead have been identified as belonging to a 52-year-old Las Vegas man who disappeared over two decades ago, according to the Clark County coroner's office.↵


➡Twenty-two percent seriously contemplated attempting suicide, with one in four young women going as far as to formulate a plan on how they would carry it out.⇆VJ0805Y821KLCAJ32◙The violence broke out on Saturday between the Sudanese armed forces and a paramilitary group, the Rapid Support Forces. The two are vying for power, despite promises that a civilian government would be installed after an October 2021 coup d'etat by the Sudanese military.♠C0603X104J4REC⇠"Unlike previous ceasefires, the Agreement reached in Jeddah was signed by the parties and will be supported by a U.S.-Saudi and international-supported ceasefire monitoring mechanism."➢GMA05XR60J104ME12T▀Like Berger, Moore accused Cooper of spreading misinformation about the bill "to frighten voters" and predicted a swift override in his chamber.♨

▃In January 2022, in the middle of the omicron wave, Dr. Vivian Cheung became one of the lucky few to get a shot of Evusheld, a drug for immunocompromised people that could help protect them from getting COVID. The drug was in short supply, and getting it required a fair amount of sleuthing and advocacy, as she told NPR last year.❤199D476X0010D6C1E3▣Between the constant racist discourse and endless racial slurs, Small Mercies is a difficult read. However, there are moments in which Mary Pat begins to see how everything she thought she knew about Black people might not be true. It's not enough to redeem her — there is no redemption here, for anyone — but it's enough to show readers how sometimes racism was more like an inherited trait rather than a conscious decision.▫

⇩In Costilla County, the Move Mountains Youth Project has been paying local farmers, through a government grant, to convert a portion of their land to grow vegetables instead of water-intensive alfalfa. Farmers then train youth to grow crops like broccoli, spinach, and bolita beans, which are sold at a local grocery store. The project aims to nurture the next generation of farmers, and "beat diabetes" by providing locally grown food, says executive director Shirley Romero Otero. Her group worked with three farmers last summer and plans to work with seven this season, if enough water is available, she said.◄


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M39003/03-0378H↪"That'll keep the rodents and other animals that are attracted by the birdseed at the edge instead of in the middle of your lawn," she said.ˍ0819R-92K◢18. ""Black Codes (From the Underground)"" — Wynton Marsalis (1985)┱

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