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⊞But new data from states that have begun this process show that hundreds of thousands of people are losing coverage – not because of their income, but because of administrative problems, like missing a renewal notification in the mail.の0805J0630121KXR♕Andrea Bernstein, Ilya Marritz, Quil Lawrence reported from New York City and Becky Sullivan reported from Washington, D.C.☭2225Y0500121KCT☾The one-sentence resolution introduced on Tuesday by California Rep. Robert Garcia was largely a symbolic one; the measure was widely expected to fail but forced House Republicans to go on the record about their colleague from New York.♕ES2JTR♀Before the meeting, Egyptian Foreign Minister Samer Shoukry said that only an Arab-led "political solution without foreign dictates" can end the ongoing conflict, restoring Syria's unity and stability and allowing refugees and the internally displaced to return.▩

♪I've seen how people in rural communities show a special sort of resilience and a lasting connection with nature and the universe that go back millennia.▭C1210X273J5JACAUTO☺The prisoner exchanges "went well. I think it could go well also for this. It's important," he said of the family reunifications. "The Holy See is available to do it because it's the right thing," he added. "We have to do all that is humanly possible."❑


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9130-76▋A court appearance for the history books is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, where the criminal charges against the former president will be unsealed.↢2225Y2500223KXT↶Allen, with a population of about 109,000 people, is located about 25 miles north of downtown Dallas.➭


卍The prosecution says Vallow Daybell and Chad Daybell's entire relationship is entwined in a deadly criminal conspiracy they sought to justify with fantastical beliefs. Rather than simply starting a new life together after they met in October 2018, prosecutors say, the couple plotted to kill their closest relatives and benefit from their deaths through insurance payouts and Social Security benefits.▁VJ1210Y823JBBAT4X⏎Jordan served 38 years of a 40-year sentence for reckless murder stemming from a car accident, which his lawyer argued in his petition for early release was one of the longest sentences in Alabama history for the crime. A jury had found him guilty of being drunk while driving a vehicle that crashed with another, killing a man. If he were convicted today instead, he would be eligible to receive a sentence as short as 13 years behind bars, because he has no prior felony history, wrote Alabama Circuit Judge Stephen Wallace, who reviewed Jordan's petition for early release.♧2220J0100683JCT➘Now, Vanzeir is apologizing to both teams and his fans for what he said.↢HSZ222KAQCF0KR◦"Germany will provide all the help it can, as long as it takes," he said.☆

⇉The man accused of dealing drugs that led to the overdose and death of the late actor Michael K. Williams pleaded guilty to the charges against him Wednesday, according to court documents.▬CS70-B2GA331KAGKA↢Carroll blames the encounter in part for never having another intimate relationship in her life.⊙


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JMK107BC6226MA-T⇦Hollywood writers have voted to authorize a strike if their talks with The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers don't end in a new three-year contract. The current contract expires just before midnight on May 1. The Writers Guild of America has been at the table with the studios, negotiating over how much they're compensated for working on films, TV shows and streaming series.☣BLC9G22XS-400AVT◧The current standards require federal forms that ask participants their identities to inquire about race and ethnicity through two separate questions. That's why on census forms, for example, before you see the race question, there's a question about Hispanic or Latino identity, which the U.S. government considers to be an ethnicity that can be of any race.☌


➭Guney denied involvement in the 2013 killings, and it was surveillance footage that led to his arrest after he was seen entering the crime scene and one of the victim's DNA was allegedly found on his coat.♣IRFP4004PBF↔"Even though he is doing well physically, he has a long road ahead mentally and emotionally," she wrote. "The trauma that he has to endure and survive is unimaginable."➝3EZ91DE3/TR12←Dowdell's grandmother, Annette Allen, said the shooting occurred at her granddaughter's 16th birthday party at the Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio and that her daughter was also injured and hospitalized.▪BYD33KGP-E3/54➩Neely's death has raised questions about race, justice, homelessness and mental health in America. Advocates for the homeless in New York City have blamed Neely's death on the city's policies surrounding people experiencing homelessness.▨

▷Professor Lee thinks a "transitional period" is a more fitting description for the current status of K-pop than a "crisis," with a new generation of artists emerging in BTS' absence.↘VJ0805D680JEAAR▬A few roller coaster years finally tipped the retailer into bankruptcy.☆


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