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ºSuch is the story of Svitlana, who asked to not be identified by her last name for security reasons. She's a single mother whose husband was killed by shelling in 2014, when Russian-backed separatists took control of parts of the Donbas region.の


▄Cholera, which causes diarrhea and vomiting, is contracted from a bacterium that is generally transmitted through contaminated food or water.▷RRR015P03TL✍Since then he has since granted few interviews and otherwise communicated through his Twitter account and prepared remarks. Earlier this week, he delivered a video message to the British Book Awards, where he was given a Freedom to Publish prize.✚1825Y5000472KXR⇞So he walked. Twelve miles, in his jalabiya, the floor-length billowy white robe traditionally worn by men in Sudan. By the time he arrived at Al-Kalakla Turkish Hospital three hours later, its hems were dusty with sand.⊡IRF7416TRPBF☊Andrew Connelly is a British freelance journalist focusing on politics, migration and conflict.

◥Some of the targeted banks are urgently looking to shore up financing by, for example, looking for additional investments.594D686X0010C2T⇠The U.S. Department of the Interior released a report last year that identified more than 400 Native American boarding schools that sought to assimilate Native children into white society. The federal study found that more than 500 students died at the boarding schools, but officials expect that figure to grow exponentially as research continues.↨

Democratic Minority Leader Kim Abbott appeared to concede that the removal of Zephyr was within the House's authority when she spoke on the House floor as the matter was considered last week. "You absolutely can do this, by rule, by the Constitution ... But just because you can do it does not make it the right choice," she said.▤

۰Kaplan recounted the testimony of two women who say they too were attacked sexually by Trump.↱

▽A test launch scheduled for Monday was scrapped at the last minute due to a frozen valve in the booster. On Thursday, with 40 seconds left on the countdown clock, the flight crew paused all operations, also due in part to a pressurization issue in the booster.✚

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