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❀The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida called the proposal a “foolish idea” in a state that “already leads the nation in exonerations of those on death row.”✲


▦More than 21 million people in Yemen, or two-thirds of the country's population, need help and protection, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Among those in need, more than 17 million are considered particularly vulnerable.TBJA105K025CRSZ0000☆One reason for all the late campaigning is that hundreds of thousands of people who vote in presidential elections in Wisconsin don't bother with supreme court races. State Republican Party Chair Brian Schimming told the West Allis crowd to reach out to 10 people they know and convince them to vote.▲SMBG5354AE3/TR13⇊"I teach them how to do the different orders, like pop orders and chip orders," she says. "I also have students that I teach how to do billing."♦TAZH107K010LBSZ0800♡"We're also now taking a hard look at our safety guidance and identifying any education messages that may be inadvertently ableist or not account for how someone who uses a wheelchair or walker may safely use a product," Galbo wrote.✦

➸Swaths of eastern Colorado were also affected, with the metro areas of Denver and Colorado Springs seeing unhealthy air quality levels at points on Sunday.◇K821J10C0GF53L2✙However, those married couples could only adopt children related to one of the partners. Lawmakers with the island's Democratic Progressive Party said this was a dangerous setup — especially if one parent died and the other could not get legal rights to the children. They said it could even disincentivize same-sex couples from marrying if one person already had children.↔

☽Daybell and Vallow Daybell told Gibb that they were part of the "Church of the Firstborn" and had a special mission, directed by the Book of Revelation, Gibb told the detective.✪


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0805J2000150KFR⊙The train, destined for Chicago, was carrying lithium-ion batteries, paint and oxygen containers — all of which are flammable and can pose a threat to the environment.◦2220J0160394JDR▨"The drape turned out to be the most used option and the most acceptable option," says Coomarasmy. "Vietnam has been using drapes for many years," he says. "Some parts of India and some parts in California are now using it routinely."↸


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4470-20J⊙The Smithsonian's Johnson said the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks for koalas. "Vaccination is an incredibly resource-intensive thing to do. Koalas live high up in trees," she said.♥1825J3K00121JCT♣It was unclear if there are similar security concerns around the Pinduoduo app for Apple users, and Pinduoduo was still available to download from Apple's iOS store Tuesday.◊


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