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❀In television news coverage of the arrest, Teixeira was seen wearing an olive green t-shirt and red athletic shorts being taken into custody in the driveway of his Massachussetts home. The FBI says it's still searching Teixeira's house.㊣C1206C563F4JAC7800❀It is the first time Rutgers University faculty has ever gone on strike throughout the institution's 250-year history, according to WHYY.▔VLF252012MT-150M⇩The issue of gun control came to a head in Maryland after a man began regularly standing at a school bus stop with an AR-15-style rifle in his hands.⇍1825J2000101FCT◐Darina and her mother are living rent-free with a family in Brooklyn, where they cook borsht and crepes for their hosts. They'll have to find a more permanent home in two months.☺

■Kendall's plan is to drive up the stock price so the deal can't happen. This is going to require, as he puts it, "unbelievable growth." The next part of the scene where he explains this to Roman and Greg makes a lot more sense if you know the history of WeWork, but he says, "I think we can get a tech valuation for a real estate proposition on [Living+]." Greg isn't sure, since houses have existed for a long time and are not tech, but that's only because Greg never met Adam Neumann.☀TFL0816-1N8➸The state parks agency recommends a number of sites in Southern California and the Bay Area where nature lovers can go to glimpse the poppies, sand verbena, sunflowers, lilies and more.♠


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P10R473K2-F유Recently, he stood before a gathering of more than 250 lawyers in Atlanta while wearing a custom black T-shirt designed like a dictionary entry for the phrase "misinformation superspreader."↟T86C106M016EAAS⇆One of Mexico's oldest organized crime groups, the Gulf Cartel is based in the city of Matamoros, directly across from the U.S. border in Brownsville, Texas. The cartel has been losing strength in recent years as rivals and internal factions fight for control of drug-trafficking routes into the U.S. along the border.↰

⇪The goal was to persuade the international community that the threat of a Russian attack was real. CIA Director William Burns has made multiple visits to Ukraine and spoken about the ongoing intelligence sharing between the two countries.۰


◫Carlson also gave a platform to controversial figures who shared his conspiratorial worldview — elevating their profiles as well.ぃMLG0603P1N1ST000↔Jill Miller was facing life in prison for second-degree murder, but after hours of deliberation, the jury was deadlocked at 8-4 over whether to convict.↥FK28X5R1E224KN000۰"We were traveling together, me and my kids and my brother and other relatives, most of them women," she said. "My brother couldn't enter with us because he didn't have a visa. Even after he told them, 'I am with my sister and she has kids,' and that he is helping me."✍CDR32BX472BKNM√"This law will pave the way for criminals in society to easily commit crimes like sexual molestation, sexual assault and even rape against females in the disguise of a transgender woman," the court ruled.⇍

⇚"This is simply bigoted politicians doing what bigoted politicians do: discriminating against an age," said Rhodes, referring to the new minimum age for gun purchases.↖1206J2000561JXT✄Pieces of Pensinger's skeleton were uncovered on three different dates across the shoreline of Boulder Beach last summer. The county coroner said it hadn't determined the cause and manner of his death.■


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1026-14F£Becky's lawyers brought what is called an "as applied" challenge to the West Virginia law as it affects her. So far, she is the only transgender girl identified by either side as wanting to play on a girls team. Nonetheless, federal District Court Judge Joseph Goodwin, after initially blocking the law, allowed it to go into effect after full briefing in the case.✪GA0402Y122MXJAP31G⊙Unions representing nurses have long warned about the problem facing the profession, said National Nurses United President Deborah Burger and President of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Jane Hopkins. Both women are also RNs.♠

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