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↶Police have arrested 945 Khan supporters in eastern Punjab province alone since Tuesday — including Asad Umar and Sarfraz Cheema, two senior leaders from Khan's party.∎VJ0603D150GLCAP☂The destruction caused by the flooding hampered aid efforts, with two main roads impassable.↯GCE21BR72A682KA01K♥"Multiple shell casings. Blood everywhere," Special Agent Jess Thornton said. The crime scene was like nothing he'd encountered in 18 years with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, he said.✈GA1210A182GXCAR31G☀Beginning Jan. 1, 2024, the Maryland Trans Equity Act broadens the kind of gender-affirming treatments covered under the state's Medicaid plan, aligning it with care that private insurers offer.▨

❤The decision--and its unanimity-- were a huge win for social media companies and their supporters. Lawyer Andrew Pincus, who filed a brief on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said he saw the decision as a victory for free speech, and a vindication of Section 230's protections from lawsuits for internet platforms. What's more, he said, a contrary ruling would have subjected these platforms to "an unbelievable avalanche" of litigation.←M39003/03-0268/TR↷"It will be the first time something like this is happening on social media and with real time questions and answers," Musk said. "Not scripted. So it's going to be live and let 'er rip. Let's see what happens."➣

☪The boycotts did not impact sales or account signups in the long run, the researchers found. And in the case of Goya, the brand actually experienced a short-term sales boost from first-time buyers in predominantly Republican counties, Liaukonyte said.۰

↦The collapse left the building "completely unstable," Adams said at a news conference. Esposito said firefighters had to pull out because of the danger, conducting searches instead with a drone and robotic dog.⇌

▍In the current case, lawyers for the petitioners are arguing that existing legislation permitting citizens to marry someone of a different religion or caste should now be amended to include those of any gender.♥

❃"Corbin was selfless when it came to his family and friends and always tried to be a protector,'' his mother Janett Heard said. "That's just the type of person he was."♨

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