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☎Travelers who are checking luggage should also be sure to pack an extra change of clothes or two and medications and other necessities in their carry-on bag, in case there's a significant delay or cancellation after you've checked in.❤


●Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, kids 12 and up can work unlimited hours outside school hours in agriculture, and the rules are even more lenient for kids who work on their families' farms. Outside that industry, workers have to be 16 to work unlimited hours. Sixteen-year-olds and 17-year-olds working in agriculture can do tasks listed by the Labor Department as hazardous, versus 18 in other industries. Agriculture's hazardous occupation orders haven't been updated in 50 years, and they don't include tobacco, despite the known risks for workers of all ages.√BTA212X-800E,127◦"I'm glad that I can teach my kids," she says, "that, hey, you can learn how to play the game."✥CCR06CG183FMVTR2♀The latest move by Adidas comes nearly six months after the company cut its ties with the rapper, halting production of Yeezy products and its payments to Ye.↺2225Y1K00153JDT↨Soon, the book may be put in an archival box or given to the local historical society for further preservation, Kreiden said.◘

✉Witnesses said Perry was driving dangerously close to protesters; they also said Foster didn't raise his weapon toward Perry. But the defense team said Perry feared for his life, and that Foster had raised his gun. Prosecutors said Perry instigated the incident after running a red light.↤VJ0805D132GLXAR▥He collapsed and went into cardiac arrest shortly after telling his life story at the Nevada Military Support Alliance’s annual gala, according to his sister, Maureen Shul.⇀

◆"It is our responsibility to get Kevin McCarthy to the table with Joe Biden," Van Orden said, adding then it's McCarthy's "burden" to get the president to a place where they can work on the country's fiscal future.♠


■When Windy Van Hooten's Circus of the Fantasticals rolls into town, it is always with purpose. The management, lead by the Ringmaster, can see the future and even travel back and forth through time using powers called Sparks, which manifested in a chosen few in the wake of the Great War. Everyone in the circus is a Spark, and by performing for the right people on the right nights, they hope to set the world on a path to a better future. Because the Ringmaster knows that another war is coming, somehow even worse than the one that was meant to end all wars. And she also knows that another Spark circus is on their heels — one led by a man who once sought to dominate her with his power.↚C1206C473MMGECAUTO7210↫How do you define disability?✿BCP53-6⇟Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, a member of the GOP leadership team, told reporters Monday, "I would not support [a replacement] at all. We're not going to help the Democrats with that."⊟C325C751GAG5TA➸It was a brutal day on Wall Street for First Republic Bank, as investors sold off shares as fast as they can in light of financial disclosures earlier this week.♪

█Solicitor General Prelogar conceded that the phrase "de minimis" in the 1977 decision was unfortunate, but she urged the court not to reverse the 46-year-old precedent, which she said has been interpreted for decades by the EEOC and the lower courts in a manner that "generously" accommodates the interests of religious employees.♦MKI100-12E8❥Vicky Hallett is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to NPR.▌


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C326C393FAG5TA7301☊Republicans call the legislation pro-family and pro-child, pointing to at least $160 million in spending contained within for maternal health services, foster and adoption care, contraceptive access and paid leave for teachers and state employees after the birth of a child.▁1812Y0500153GCRぃThe Manhattan district attorney's office, meanwhile, is conducting its own investigation into Neely's death.☂

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