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①Asked about other potential applications of the Comstock Act, Hawley says she believes it could restrict the mailing of other medical products that are necessary to carry out abortion procedures.♐1812Y0630470GFT•But TikTok is proposing a third option. CEO Shou Chew mentioned it frequently in his testimony: "Project Texas" is a proposal to move TikTok's entire operation to the U.S., to put all of its data, and even those top-secret algorithms, under the supervision of Oracle, an American company. "The bottom line is this: American data stored on American soil by an American company overseen by American personnel," said Shou. "This eliminates the concern that some of you have shared with me that TikTok user data can be subject to Chinese law."➯TAJC106M020TNJ☪Former President Donald Trump is now the first president in U.S. history to be arraigned on charges of falsifying business records as part of a cover-up of payments to an adult film star with whom he allegedly had an extramarital affair.⇆D740N48TXPSA1●LeRoy Carhart, a prominent and controversial doctor well known for providing late-term abortions, has died at the age of 81.➥

☌Patterson is charged with murder and four counts of aggravated assault related to the shooting that killed a 39-year-old woman and injured four other women at the Northside Hospital Midtown Medical building.▣NSVDTC143ZET1G♜She is also charged with conspiring to murder Tammy Daybell, Chad's then-wife who was found dead in her home in October 2019 — less than one month before he and Vallow got married in Hawaii. He is Vallow Daybell's fifth husband.√


☂Lewis says it's difficult to say what the political effect of the new missile will be. On the one hand, such a weapon is far more threatening to the U.S. than a liquid-fueled missile, but that very fact may make Kim Jong Un's regime feel more secure.◦VLF4010ST-4R7M1R0↻"He looked at me blankly, shook his head kindly, and said just a few words in Spanish that meant, 'I don't speak English,'" Cadwallader Staub remembers. "I was stuck. No map, no idea which way to go ... no husband to turn to. I was panicking. I couldn't think straight. I couldn't even think at all."↑M39003/09-3058/HSD☁At least three groups, selected through auditions in the United States by Korean companies and their U.S. partners but trained in South Korea, are scheduled to debut in the U.S. later this year.❧13008-005MESB▢Walls then grabbed Pope by the wrist, and Chauvin hit him in the head with a metal flashlight, strangled him, shoved him against the wall and "applied a neck restraint to John Pope that rendered John Pope unconscious," the city said.♝

☎It will be the last time a total solar eclipse will cross the U.S. for more than 20 years, NASA said.♂ISC1812EB1R0J◨One feature of the declaration is the promise to establish a consultative body intended to give Seoul more of a say in how the allies deter North Korea.★

♪On Monday, the White House welcomed new bunnies to town. The new bunny costumes are sponsored by the White House Historical Society.✿


✍"In my mind, it may not be worth the risk," Jim Fredericks, senior vice president at the National Pest Management Association, told NPR.〓CDR32BX153BKSS-ZANAE↝It depicts a string of fictional crises, from a Chinese invasion of Taiwan to the shutdown of the city of San Francisco, illustrated with fake images and news reports. A small disclaimer in the upper left says the video was "Built with AI imagery."♤CDRH3D18NP-220NC∴"Andy will always be remembered," Marr said via Instagram, "as a kind and beautiful soul by everyone who knew him, and as a supremely gifted musician by people who love music."➛IPD50R399CP▨The convictions amount to a significant victory for the Justice Department, which has now secured them against top leaders of both the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers for their roles in the attempt to keep former President Donald Trump in power and stop certification of the 2020 election.●

✤Newman hopes Neely's death makes people, elected officials in particular, rethink their approaches to policies and rhetoric that affect people experiencing homelessness and mental illness.◎1111Y6306P80BQT◨"Brittany was an outgoing person," Brewer said in a televised interview late Monday. "She was actually selected to be Ms. Henryetta coming up in July in the national Ms. pageant in Tulsa and now she ain't going to make it because she's dead. She's gone."▫


▢He was honored alongside the first responders who helped save his life at a pre-Super Bowl ceremony in February.↼GP2M009A090FG☝Davis made clear his opinion that the cable network could be held liable for the billion-dollar claim even though its hosts were often not those who uttered the defamatory statements.➘FDC636P☜Ships once sailed the broad and wide Ravi. Hindu and Muslim saints lived by the banks and people still worship at shrines built in their honor. But the river flowing past Madhu is not the Ravi of history. It is now a stinking, dirty ribbon flowing between dusty banks, a dump for industry, agriculture and sewage, one of the world's most polluted bodies of water.☋1812J0500271KFT☁NPR's Selena Simmons-Duffin contributed to this report.◦

◎MATAMOROS, Mexico — About two dozen makeshift tents were set ablaze and destroyed at a migrant camp across the border from Texas this week, witnesses said Friday, a sign of the extreme risk that comes with being stuck in Mexico as the Biden administration increasingly relies on that country to host people fleeing poverty and violence.▒RM3N700S4⇂""For Italian antiquities alone we have executed 75 raids, recovered more than 500 priceless treasures valued at more than $55 million,'' Bogdanos said."☽


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