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BZX984B16◑The measure that Burgum signed Wednesday received veto-proof support from GOP lawmakers — though some Republicans did vote against it, alongside all Democrats.♧1808JA254P70DCRPY2◐The Senior Safe Act from 2018, the last piece of major legislation to address elder wealth management on the federal level, attempts to address this reticence. It gives immunity to financial institutions in civil and administrative proceedings in instances where employees report possible exploitation of a senior — provided the bank or investment firm has trained its staff to identify exploitative activity.☻


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IMC2220ER181K▉On the heels of a jury verdict that awarded $5 million to advice columnist E. Jean Carroll over her claim that former President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s, Carroll has asked a court to expand the scope of a separate lawsuit against Trump, seeking at least an additional $10 million in damages.⇤1812Y0500121FCT❧The latest legal clash over abortion began April 7 in Texas when U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, a onetime anti-abortion activist, imposed a nationwide ban on mifepristone, declaring that the FDA had improperly approved the drug 23 years ago. Within minutes of that decision, U.S. District Judge Thomas O. Rice in Washington state issued a contrary ruling. In a case brought by 17 states and the District of Columbia seeking to expand the use of mifepristone, Rice declared that the current FDA rules must remain in place.▭


☂Last week, Majcunich-Beasley was planning Malia’s high school graduation party when she called the local fire department, searching for the fireman who led the 2005 rescue. She was connected with Deputy Chief Raymond Sikes, who remembered rescuing Majcunich-Beasley from the broken elevator.◆0603J2006P80BFRWhile most of the anger was directed at Rush, the families also expressed deep frustration with the justice system for allowing the plea agreement.◁DE2B3KY101KB2BM01➝Somehow, the buried necropolis was never stumbled upon during multiple road works over the years, as well as the construction of the Port-Royal station on the historic Left Bank in the 1970s.✄FG16X5R1E336MRT06◦His daughter, Catherine Carter Sullivan, confirmed that he died Thursday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.❧

✪RATHER: This is a CBS News special report – Dan Rather reporting from CBS News World Headquarters in New York. The secretary of state for the United States Colin Powell is appearing before the United Nations Security Council here in New York City to prevent, to present evidence Saddam Hussein is violating the council resolution.◘0805Y0256P80BCR❀Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., claims that military recruitment is down because of liberal attacks on the military.○

✍"Our sponsors and school safety are our main priority, so the decision has been made to withdraw this category for this year to avoid further backlash at this time," organizers wrote on Facebook. "We are disappointed and apologise for those who were excited to be involved in something that is about protecting [our] native birds, and other vulnerable species."▣


Mansanares has seen some patients from as far as Oklahoma and Florida. And the variation in care from state-to-state — coupled with increased wait times — has created a "migratory pattern" of its own where patients are forced to cross multiple state lines to get an abortion within a timely manner.のS0402-22NG1SのMore than half of the restored fossil is "original bone material," and Koller auction house says the skull is particularly rare and was remarkably well-preserved.➦IRFBC40LCSTRR﹌Search and rescue crews were on the scene until 5 p.m. local time on Monday, reports Fox 13 News. They found O'Neill's body "trapped underneath two huge blocks of ice," according to the sheriff's office.FG14X7R1H155KRT00☆Senior administration officials said Tuesday that the State Department is working on plans to eventually open about 100 regional processing centers around the Western Hemisphere, where migrants could apply for resettlement to the U.S., Canada or Spain. Two hubs are expected to open soon in Guatemala and Colombia, though officials offered no specific dates. They also said they'll be launching a new online platform for individuals to make appointments to arrive at a center near them.➲

❤On what he said in that first-ever cellphone chat:⇨Q4035NH5TP▒Google said in a statement Tuesday that it suspended Pinduoduo on the Google Play app store out of "security concerns" and that it was investigating the matter.↺


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