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✲The mile-wide "strewn field" stretches from just north of Waite, Maine, to Canoose, New Brunswick. And the mineral museum is encouraging people to go explore it.♘

❒Edited by Emily Harris and Steve Drummond; visual design and development by LA Johnson; research by LA Johnson; fact-checked by Will Chase; copyedited by Preeti Aroon.ぃ


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CWR09NB105JCC♡In some Illinois clinics, out-of-state abortions have risen six-fold, from roughly 5% to about 30%, since the Supreme Court's decision.▣FQP3N25★The immigration tribunal held a hearing in November on Begum's appeal. The case threw into sharp relief the larger question of how Western societies deal with people who joined ISIS but want to go back to their home countries. Many remain in camps in northeast Syria.«


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C1206C0G500-470JNE→That may soon change in dramatic fashion. In a landmark case, a group of 18 same-sex Indian couples has petitioned the country's Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage.↨CLF6045T-680M-CA①Professor Lee thinks a "transitional period" is a more fitting description for the current status of K-pop than a "crisis," with a new generation of artists emerging in BTS' absence.↞


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VBE26-06NO7➲Some Democrats in the House read Mueller's report as a "road map" to impeachment. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not support calls for impeachment at that time. (She later supported impeachment proceedings over Trump's pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joseph Biden, who would be Trump's opponent in 2020.)▷GA1206Y392JBLBT31G⊙Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin narrowly lost a bid to stay in power on Sunday as her party came up less than a percentage point short in a national election.♠


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