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✒While many parents found the sculpture of a nude man "phonographic," it is considered one of the most iconic pieces of Renaissance art. Still, parents complained that sixth graders at Tallahassee Classical School should not have been shown a photo of the statue and Principal Hope Carrasquilla resigned.☞

❦Serbia's government has declared three days of national mourning over the tragedy in Belgrade, Minister of Education Branko Ružić announced. The period would allow families to say farewell to their loved ones in peace, he said, and he also urged Serbians to use the time to think about how to prevent similar tragedies.╬


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1206E391K102KHT卐The new law came into effect about a year after another piece of legislation came into effect in Britain that also that curtailed the right to peaceful protest across the country. Those new rules, which drew protests themselves, gave law enforcement agencies powers to shut down a demonstration if they deem it too "disruptive" or "noisy."✄VJ0603Y183KXQPW1BC卍In fact, Pringle says other cases of mushroom poisoning are often misattributed to death caps. "All the poisonings in huge chunks of the continent of Africa have nothing to do with death caps because they don't grow there. So those poisonings are about [other kinds of mushroom]," she says.↗


★Michael Rains, a former police officer and lawyer who represents some, but not all, of the officers, responded with a brief statement. "I understand this story is newsworthy on a number of fronts," he wrote, "including, from my perspective, whether the due process and privacy rights of officers were abandoned by the Court and District Attorney." But he added that he has advised his clients not to speak publicly, and is himself not granting interviews "at the present time."⇌C0603C151K5GALTU▧"The majority of our predictions are false positives," he said. "Is there a cost there? Does it do harm to tell someone that they're at risk of suicide when really they're not?"◢CDR31BP331BJUP\M500→Very quickly, the one-celled zygote starts to divide and travel again through the uterine tube. One cell becomes two, then four, then eight, then 16. The cells of the corona radiata that had been surrounding the egg start to fall off, disperse and eventually disappear.☀1812J0100561GCR✦The cost of tuition and fees for full-time students at Stanford University is just north of $56,000 a year, and the prestigious college accepts fewer than 4% of applicants.✄

☀Viktoria doesn't want to shield Bohdan from this pain, from this hate, that she feels. She thinks of Bohdan, of his classmates, as children who may not get a say in their future. A generation shaped by war.☢SR595A102GARTR1☊"God does not divide humanity based on their skin color, or nationality, or even faith, so, too, do we honor the heroism of those who defend life, defend liberty and defend love," said Father George Kovalenko, one of Ukraine's leading public intellectuals and a rector of the Open Orthodox University of Saint Sophia, during Campbell's eulogy.☽


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1210Y1K00471KAT↺Parker, who has been pastoring at Woodmont Baptist for about seven years, said he was caught by surprise to learn that his church would be the reunification site. He added that he is usually not at the church on Mondays and only visited this past week to attend a maintenance meeting.▦VJ2220Y823JBPAT4X∎Camilla's royal upgrade has been awaited and debated by some for as long as she's been married to Charles.➛

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