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➞It's not just professional musicians getting involved either.♡VJ0402D1R6BLCAJ↣The DOJ has accused Alabama, where Jordan was incarcerated, of failing to adequately protect incarcerated people from violence, sexual abuse, and excessive force by prison staff, and of holding prisoners in unsanitary and unsafe conditions.↵1210Y0633P90CAR⊕MARGARET BRENNAN: I want to ask you, as a conservative woman, do you think it undermines your party if the Republican front-runner is someone who was just found liable, legally liable for sexually abusing a woman?❀C0805X360M8HAC7800➷That may form the basis of an appeal later this summer.♡

♪Industry norms for writing and promoting stories for social media are now gospel in most newsrooms.❈IXFH17N80Q☃Zelenskyy began his official meetings by calling on Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the presidential Quirinale Palace.➢


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1210J0250153KXT➧The school said its "expectations regarding appropriate prom attire were communicated to this student and the student's family in advance of the prom. While we certainly respect a student's right to disagree, all of our students know from our school handbook that when they do not follow such expectations at school-sponsored events, they may be asked to leave."√1825J0630820JCR☈"But the problem with all that is it requires interpretation," Stephenson says. "It requires human interpretation, and there are gaps in the knowledge."✁

✏But Stallings rejected a plea deal that would have sent him to prison for years, and a jury found him not guilty after the official narrative unraveled in the face of video from the scene. He then sued the city and more than a dozen police officers in federal court. Last May, Minneapolis agreed to pay him $1.5 million.♨

▥She noted in a statement that the Congressional Budget Office did not factor in any increased revenue from retroactive interest payments in its estimates of the impact of the resolution. The Congressional Budget Office said last week that the resolution would lower the deficit by $320 billion over the next decade due to future repayments of principal and interest on student loans.↕


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GA1206H822MBABR31G♘Back at the Ravi River, Madhu, the activist, says the Indus Waters Treaty should replaced, a call echoed by other environmentalists like water expert Hassan Abbas. In addition to not addressing climate change, the treaty has damaged the rivers that it has divided, and, Madhu argues, created a culture where rivers have been stripped of their spiritual significance and turned into dumps. He points to blobs of gunk bobbing in the Ravi and an old wooden boat rotting in stagnant water. "It's not a treaty," he says. "It's the death of river, and people of river."◐GA1210A151KBAAT31G☻The new laws, which Democrats pushed through despite late-night filibusters from Republicans, are aimed at quelling rising suicides and youth violence, preventing mass shootings, and opening avenues for gun violence victims to sue the long-protected firearm industry. They were enacted just five months after a mass shooting at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs.♤

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