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↔Advocates say the test strips save lives. Until now they've been banned in Kansas as illegal drug paraphernalia.☆


▼I realize these decisions will be very hard for everyone, most of all, those who will be leaving. It's not something we take lightly. We have some of the most passionate and dedicated team members, who bring their full selves to drive our brands and business forward. This is why it's so difficult to say goodbye to our friends and colleagues. To those impacted, we deeply appreciate the passion and creativity you have brought every day. I want to thank you for your many contributions.☂1808Y2500182JCT❁As women age, the effect of weight on their wealth gets worse. The National Institutes of Health published a report that found that the financial net worth of moderately to severely obese women ages 51 to 61 was 40% lower than that of normal-weight peers.⇥2220Y0500683KDR♪While the Khwaja Sira community has been visible in Pakistan for a long time, "now the visibility is becoming nuanced and transgressive and positive," for many reasons besides Joyland, like the trans bill, Sadiq says. "The thankfully changing discourse does bring an unease and discomfort with it which is unfortunate, but that's how conservative societies battle with progressive ideas and elements. It is a long road ... hopefully ... the upcoming steps will not be this uneasy and fearful."↕1N5913BUR-1⇕"Isn't everything over for the Korean Peninsula the moment North Korea launches a nuclear attack?" opposition Democratic Party lawmaker Youn Kun-young asked in an interview with Korean broadcaster CBS radio. "No one on this small peninsula will be spared," he said. "What good will it do to strike back?"☽

⇍WOOD: The biggest challenge in intelligence analysis is not there are ten facts to be found. There are ten data points to be found. We have all ten of them, and we put them all together and decide what it means. In the case of Iraq, there was a 10,000 piece puzzle to be solved to create the whole big picture. We had 100 pieces, but they weren't all necessarily for the same puzzle.♣1210J1K50100JCR♧In October 1891, the choir left London to travel to big industrial cities in the north of England, then into Scotland and over to Ireland by boat.▰


☭The attack the West Bank came just as tens of thousands of Palestinians were pouring into Al-Aqsa for midday Friday prayers.☣36501J5N1GTDG↥Even as the morula continues to divide into dozens of cells and then hundreds, its outer case, the now-hardened zona, keeps it from expanding in size — so it's still only about as big as a grain of salt. That's crucial to keep the little ball of cells from getting stuck as it moves through the slender uterine tube.☼SBRT4U10LP-7↻The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act was passed by Parliament in 2018 to secure the fundamental rights of transgender Pakistanis. It ensures their access to legal gender recognition, among other rights.⊙78F390J✪What's he saying? Grabar spoke with NPR's Juana Summers to discuss the ideas of housing for machines rather than humans — and what a better future might look like in his eyes.↖

⇘Now, they're back in Ciudad Juárez — sleeping in a tent on the street and afraid to try crossing again.←NLV32T-039J-EF┱Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba are previous winners of the official player of the tournament award, and Erling Haaland was the top scorer at the 2019 edition.↸


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VJ1812Y122JBRAT4X➺What it will do: Permit juries to sentence someone to death without a unanimous verdict. Instead, jurors only need to reach a supermajority vote of 8-4. The legislation also allows a judge to override a jury’s life sentence and issue a death sentence.☇CDR03BP471BKURAR▁The organization anonymizes the data it receives from states, then compares it to spit out reports that local election administrators can use to correct outdated addresses, remove dead voters, and reach out to eligible people who aren't registered.◨


↕"Mobility is a huge issue," when it comes to having comfortable sex, Wilton says, but today's seniors have options. Props can help you get in a pain-free position. "There's tons that exist on the market, benches and wedges and different kinds of things, but you can also just use the things [like pillows] that you have in your own home." Even simply changing position can help.▍L-15WR10KV4E♗“The worst thing that could happen in a retail environment is to feel like you can’t go in there and feel safe — that’s on the employee side and the customer sides,” Reed said.↚DTA143ECAT116▔They left Kharkiv in a panic last February, driving 36 hours to reach Lviv, close to the border with Poland. Viktoria says it's the safest place they could be that's still in Ukraine. Bohdan's father stayed behind in Kharkiv, assisting the military in their defense.☺592D157X96W3R2T15H▬Young and others called for the resignations of officials who were heard speaking on the recordings.♪

➹"We are asking for your prayers for Payton, Keyona, Heather & Genesis," they added. "Also Big prayers for Payton as she recovers please."❄VJ0805D200GLBAC♈The proposal would also ban the use of personal pronouns in public schools that do not correspond to a teacher, administrator or student’s sex at birth.♂

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