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↿The blue shawl collar jacket with a tied waist was adorned with gold pins of his initials on one lapel. He also added his initials on blue velvet loafers that pulled the look together.«2225Y2K50123KXT▐"[Barzman] and J.F. agreed to split the money that they made from selling the Fraudulent Paintings," the DOJ said. "J.F. and [Barzman] created approximately 20-30 artworks by using various art materials to create colorful images on cardboard."☪06033C223MAZ2A♡Artificial minds cannot imagine, and fiction that does not engage the imagination doesn't deserve the name. And though AI can, technically, translate, only a human can read attentively and sensitively enough to genuinely recreate literature — like these three translated works of science and science-minded fiction — in a new language.▩NGTB15N120IHWG♤CANBERRA, Australia — A 95-year-old Australian woman died Wednesday, a week after a police officer shot her with a stun gun in a nursing home as she moved toward him using a walker and carrying a steak knife, in a tragedy that has outraged many Australians.▕

✿Before the war, Russian intelligence agencies were considered extremely active in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine were both part of the Soviet Union, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former intelligence agent himself, has meddled in Ukrainian affairs throughout his time in power, including an initial 2014 military incursion.♔CWR29MB685KCHCぃTarget has only been selling tuck-friendly swimsuits made for adults — and not, contrary to false online rumors, for kids or in kid sizes, the AP also found.⊡


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RUR860➳"It all culminates in the crown, but that can only happen because he has been anointed with holy oil," says Alice Hunt, a historian of monarchy at England's University of Southampton. "That's the moment when the monarch is understood to actually become king. Something changes at that moment."♭STF10NM60ND↑"Some have no money to get on the train, no food or water. They were afraid, and they had to leave Sudan, but they don't have any further plan about what to do," she said.☻


⊙The announcement follows Drew Barrymore's decision to withdraw from hosting the awards in solidarity with writers involved in the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Other celebrity nominees and presenters, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, joined the actress in pulling out of the event.☚M39003/01-5718Some have also accused Turkey of involvement in last week's shooting, but French investigators have not provided any announcements to that effect.┱CK06BX104KTR1↠Leading up to the meeting, McCarthy had been critical of the process of discussions with the White House. But his tone shifted somewhat on Tuesday, with the speaker saying he thinks it is possible to get a deal by the end of the week and calling the meeting "more productive" than the one he had with the group last week.♣1825J0500183KCT⇒"You meet people in some of their most horrifying, darkest, terrifying times," Towarnicki said. "Being with them and then seeing who they are when they leave, you don't get that doing any other job in health care."◢

卐"That is why emergency shutdowns are now in effect," it said on social media.➵VJ0603D3R0DXPAC✌She's accused of killing her friend Alla Aleksenko and stealing her life savings in Russia in 2014, as CBS News reports.】

☀On a recent night, Towarnicki was alone in the clinic, clicking through photos she took of her last patient. The patient opted against filing a police report but asked Towarnicki to log all the evidence just in case.▌


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GA0603A100FBAAR31G✍When Vicky Barlow picked up a rock along the Cornwall shore recently, she suspected something special might be underneath.✐CC45SL3FD680JYVNA☣Those images of physical violence (Warning: Graphic violence is depicted in the linked video) in turn sparked dozens of missiles fired from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip against Israeli targets, Israeli retaliatory airstrikes on both territories, and a subsequent pair of attacks Friday on civilians in the occupied West Bank and Tel Aviv, which have left two British-Israeli settlers and an Italian tourist dead. The militant group Hamas has not claimed responsibility for either Friday attack, but instead praised them as valid retaliation for the prior behavior of Israeli police.➲


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