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⇃“At some point in time, the right of the state to see the unborn child born does take precedent over the woman’s right to her body,” Davis said.ღ


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0805J0250561MXR⇩Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has introduced new legislation calling for $14 trillion in reparations for Black Americans, in an effort to see the federal government atone for the practice of chattel slavery and hundreds of years of racist policies that followed.▐VJ1210Y563JLJAJ32♗The book, published over four decades ago, provided a message that readers throughout the generations needed to hear: that God's love is unlimited and that God's ultimate plan is that people will live fully, bravely and meaningfully in a less-than perfect world.★


❧But Erdogan has also defied the United States and its other NATO allies. He bought Russian missile systems, a move that prompted the U.S. to halt plans to supply Turkey with the F-35 war planes used by other NATO countries. He launched military offensives against Kurdish militias in Syria, even though they are allies with the U.S. in fighting ISIS. He slowed Finland's admission into NATO — and is still blocking Sweden's — over claims those countries shelter Kurdish militants connected to militants in Turkey.♔ES2211N120K502NTM◇Singletary is wanted on four counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflicting serious injury.⇘US8MC-HF↽If the move proceeds as planned, the A's will become just the second Major League Baseball franchise to move cities in more than 50 years.↘PDTA123ES,126▄Similarly, the principal of the nearby elementary school told parents that the local police department and state attorney's office made clear: "The man is doing nothing illegal by carrying the long gun. He is exercising his constitutional rights, as he is free to do."➺

⇃Israeli officials expressed satisfaction with the latest battle, having killed at least six members of Islamic Jihad's top brass in what it says were pinpointed strikes based on solid intelligence. But at least 13 of those killed in Gaza were civilians, among them children as young as 4 years old, as well as women.★MMSZ4698-E3-18◇Now, on this early Tuesday evening in April, she was far from alone.【

→Police later found an AR-style pistol in the trunk while executing a search warrant of Kemp's car, but did not find any magazines or ammunition. They also found five .357 caliber cartridges in Kemp's jacket pocket, one on the ground and two unused ones in the center console of his car, police said.➪


♠If you're in that camp and resenting it, this new study could be a reason to rejoice: The researchers say that moving the McSCs to their proper location could prevent graying.◪1206J5000391KCR♙"When you write songs, somebody comes after you," Sheeran said during his testimony as he explained that the case was being closely watched by others in the industry.☆M39003/01-2817/TR☌The measure's sponsor, state Rep. Josh Tanner, a Republican, told the Idaho Statesman newspaper he wanted to make sure that people handling the drug are properly trained.↔1206J0160184KDT✎In another study by neurologist Kraus and her team, they mapped the brain activity of 66 ninth-graders from Chicago Public Schools while asking them to perform reading and memory tasks. Then they monitored the children's electrical brain activity while watching a movie and listening to disruptive sounds. They found that the students who grew up under circumstances associated with noisier environments performed poorer on the reading and memory tasks and that those students had what she calls "noisier" brains — meaning a lot of neurons were firing all the time, even when the brain wasn't engaged in a task. You can think of that excess electrical activity as static.➫

←Imam Sayed Elnakib, 65, was quickly transported to St. Joseph's University Medical Center.큐1210Y2500821KCT▪And this year school officials say meal debt is reaching levels they have never seen. A recent survey from the School Nutrition Association found school districts had more than $19 million in unpaid meal debt, with the Midwest and Great Plains reporting the highest rates of meal debt.➹

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