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▧But Bollyky says articulating the targets and goals for the ending the pandemic all along — such as how low the case and death counts would need to be to lift mask mandates or school closures — would have helped the public understand why the agencies felt that May 2023 was the right time to conclude the public health emergency. "If the public can't see progress, it will be harder to convince them next time that these emergency measures are necessary," says Bollyky.↼


↕The production cuts alone could push U.S. gasoline prices up by roughly 26 cents per gallon, in addition to the usual increase that comes when refineries change the gasoline blend during the summer driving season, said Kevin Book, managing director of Clearview Energy Partners LLC. The Energy Department calculates the seasonal increase at an average of 32 cents per gallon, Book said.↭T491C225K025AT2478◩"I don't think that his crimes against me are worthy of incarceration," Daniels said, but later added: "The other things that he has done — if he is found guilty, then absolutely."♣RW1A030APT2CR♈"Investigators are still processing all of the evidence, in conjunction with completing interviews, in an effort to solidify a motive and potential suspects," the agency said on Monday evening.◪0805Y2000681KCR→Karnataka is the second state Modi's party has lost to the Congress in the last six months. In December, the Congress unseated BJP in northern Himachal Pradesh, a small state tucked in the Himalayas.▬

◁In Stephenson's case, it's the unanswered questions that keep drawing him back.◑P160-334JS↻Marin apologized and took a drug test after videos of her partying sparked questions about her maturity. Finnish women defended her right to cut loose, posting their own videos of dancing and drinking across social media.☀

↘"I don't expect the Russians to improve their tactics. I expect them to be every bit as brutal, if not more so," Rapp said.☣


⊙Russia occupies large portions of eastern Ukraine and Crimea, and Kyiv insists no talks are possible until Moscow withdraws from Ukrainian territory. Even a cease-fire, Ukraine says, will only allow Moscow time to regroup in its faltering military campaign. Ukraine rejected a 36-hour Russian cease-fire over Orthodox Christmas.↕LQW15AN9N1G8ZD◇It shows him being led from the water to his bike by a guide and reaching carefully for it — a gesture that the TikTok described as "air piano" and scored accordingly.☀TPSD107M016R0060V↽Fans immediately posted links to songs they've created featuring her vocal likeness. The Canadian artist said she's looking forward to being a "guinea pig" for such projects.♝250R05L1R9CV4T☋It was 9:47 A.M. on Feb. 22 when the dispatch center of the Twin Falls Police Department in Idaho got the call. There were shots fired at Canyon Ridge High School, just a few miles north of the station. At least one person was injured in a classroom, and the shooter was still on the loose, according to the man on the other end of the line.⇈

↛"The single-handed aspect was the one that drew me," she said of her decision to enter the race. "I really like the aspect of sailing by celestial navigation, sailing old school."۰103R-183FSAuthorities said all the victims were either bank employees or police officers.▰


♨"Where is the state of Texas to provide the safety net for her, after forcing her to give birth to a child that didn't survive and never would?" she asks.▕2220Y1000333FFT↹If convicted of all of the federal charges, Murdaugh faces up to 150 years added on to his life sentence and fines up to $4.75 million.ღVJ0603A3R3DXQCW1BC♦"I don't think about things I don't think about," the Bryan character responds, prompting the Darrow character to ask: "Do you think about the things you DO think about?"↮0603J0160682KXR◦"DiBiase allegedly used these federal funds to buy a vehicle and a boat, and for the down payment on the purchase of a house, among other expenditures," the Justice Department said in a news release Thursday.↦

◇"Heavier women tend to earn less," the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis said in a 2011 report, which analyzed the results of multiple studies on the topic. "These penalties have not only increased over the past few decades, but continue to increase as women age."☀M39003/03-0113H↾"Nairobi, Kenya — Police in Kenya are investigating the death of an LGBTQ rights activist whose body was found stuffed in a metal box. The body of Edwin Chiloba was found on Wednesday on a road in Uasin Gishu County, in the west of the country.큐

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