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☍REUDA At the end of the day, I remember there was a situation where Secretary Rumsfeld confronted agency briefers and said, what makes you use the term insurgency? We don't think there's an insurgency. And the briefer said, well, we're using the Defense Department definition of insurgency and outlined that definition.➬CDR01BX332BKZMATThe electoral commission has recognised "glitches" during the vote but has dismissed claims that the process was not free and fair.♦6A04-G↹"This will exclude the most vulnerable of migrants," said Erika Pinheiro, the executive director of Al Otro Lado, a California group that offers legal counsel to asylum-seekers in Mexico.⊠1330R-24H➲When one iteration of Twitter Blue was rolled out last year, a user with a blue check pretended to be the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and tweeted that the company was offering insulin for free. The company denied the news and apologized, but not before the fake tweet received hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes and sent Lilly's stock price down temporarily.❤

♐A study in Louisiana found that people who gained Medicaid coverage after an expansion there had reduced medical debt.㊣B80C7000A♣"I think that in a sane world, these kinds of arguments get laughed out of court," Chaiten says.↻


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CCR05CG471JPV☺It's not the first time this year the 23-year-old has run into trouble with the league.▤MR052X471KDA-ROSE➜“He has been tamed and is subjected to bright fluorescent lighting four days a week, being handled by dozens of strangers, petted on his sensitive whiskers,” she wrote. “Kiwi are nocturnal animals, who should be kept in suitable dark enclosures, and minimally handled.”▐

✯Portugal's Judiciary Police said its officers had arrested a 62-year-old Italian man on charges of criminal association, money laundering, and drug trafficking as part of the European operation, which was dubbed "Eureka." They also seized about half a million euros and various documents, among other confiscated items.↠


✯The colt was in the skilled hands of Javier Castellano, a Hall of Fame jockey who hasn't been as in-demand lately. The 45-year-old Castellano snapped an 0-for-15 skid in the Derby.⇜1812J2000392KFT↚In one exchange, a sexual assault survivor spoke about the 11-1 verdict that sent the man who attacked her and her sisters to prison for 18 years.▐2510R-44F➯Scholars from the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands recently analyzed the paintings and in June, they will go on tour in New York and Amsterdam before being auctioned during Christie's Classic Week starting July 1.▬1812J0500681JCR◘Emile studied the Middle East in great depth as an academic before coming to the Agency, including spending significant time in the region.  At CIA, Emile established and ran the Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program. He also ran the Regional Analysis program dealing with the Middle East at large.✦

【It's not the first time this year the 23-year-old has run into trouble with the league.◩1825Y3K00470FCR▒The Texas ruling's quick timeline has left open a number of questions for medical providers and pharmacies regarding access to the widely used drug.♀

♦His first swing sent the ball far into deep foul territory, delighting the crowd. The second pitch, a second foul; the third, a ball; then, a strikeout swinging on the final pitch. As he jogged off the field, the crowd gave him a standing ovation — his parents among them.◊

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