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【"We are vital to the community," says teacher and store manager Liz Ravenscroft. "The next closest grocery store is 40 miles to the east, and the other closest grocery store is an hour to the west."☪2220J0500103JDR▉And that sets the scene that now confronts Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader for the past 16 years.♛VJ0805A8R2CXJPW1BC☏"This landmark lawsuit is not only to get the justice for Tyre Nichols in the civil courts, but it is also a message that is being sent to cities all across America who have these police oppression units that have been given the license by city leaders to go and terrorize Black and brown communities," Crump said.❤VJ1206A270KXAAR◘She said she woke up very early with  "intense pain and strange symptoms."☃

⇕Lewis says many North Korea watchers had been expecting the test. "North Korea has indicated that it has been building solid propellant ICBMs for several years now," he says.☻IRF6691TR1▎This story was edited by Neela Banerjee and Sadie Babits. It was produced by Ryan Kellman. Special thanks to Sean McConnell of the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas, for assistance with archival audio and historical records.♨


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2220AC473KAT2A⊠Islamic Jihad bombarded Israel with over 100 rockets last week after one of its senior members in the West Bank died from an 87-day hunger strike while in Israeli custody. The Israeli military responded with airstrikes and the exchange of fire ended with a fragile cease-fire.▨CWR29KC105KCBC\TR◈"He was telling Republicans they should be going on other media channels, not just Fox," Ben Vihstadt said. "Republicans watch those channels too."↤

➶That's because it's important that the United Nations set a good example of improving accessibility and asserting that reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities is on the human rights agenda and taken seriously.➺


➹But Yellen said a full economic split between China and the U.S. would be "disastrous". She said "a growing China that plays by international rules" is good for the United States and the world.♦UDZ9V1B-7▱Khan's Islamabad appearance was on multiple graft charges brought by police. As he showed up, the courtroom was stormed by dozens of agents from the anti-corruption agency, the National Accountability Bureau, backed by paramilitary troops. They broke windows after Khan's guards refused to open the door.↰SMAJ4737CE3/TR13♧"The operating principle at new Twitter is simply fair and equal treatment, so if we label non-US accounts as govt, then we should do the same for US, but it sounds like that might not be accurate here," he wrote.♦ILC0805ERR22J♢Among the suggested recipes: "Uncanned beans" ("release the beans from their tin prison, and tip them into a microwave-safe bowl") and "Forbidden lasagna" ("pry open the fridge and secure" the leftovers).➤

⇄Musk, whose statements to reporters are regularly laced with jokes, insults or attempts at trolling, responded sarcastically when asked who would potentially take over NPR's Twitter account.▣1008-151J↘"We could strike North Korea with the sub thousands of miles away, so showing up in port in South Korea is about making our presence known," says David Silbey, an expert on military history and defense policy at Cornell University.♔


☍Prosecutors in Santa Fe are pressing forward with involuntary manslaughter charges against actor Baldwin and a weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed have pleaded not guilty.⋄T495D157M016ATE150↮He nonetheless made several laps through the square in the popemobile after the Mass, waving and smiling at cheering well-wishers.◆VJ1206Y123MXJPW1BC◊However, according to Larson and other cybersecurity researchers consulted by NPR, it's more likely that the scammers on Facebook are pure opportunists, frequently trolling for crises to try and find more gullible victims.↣562RX5FBA102EE102M☂“We have some very talented lawyers that specifically wrote this one to avoid that,” he said.➷

❑“We are waking up to a rather disturbing scene across Guam. What used to be jungle, looks like toothpicks. It looks like a scene from the movie ‘Twister,’ with trees just thrashed apart,” warning coordination meteorologist Landon Aydlett said. “Most of Guam is dealing with a major mess that’s going to take weeks to clean up.”➻RHE5G1H101J0M1H03Aあ"Having that large number of rocket engines firing simultaneously — it's actually quite hard. I think that's going to be one of the biggest challenges," he says.ˍ

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