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➯In the eight days leading to the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, seven horses died at Churchill Downs.☭

➧Critics say this kind of pushback against fentanyl harm reduction strategies threatens efforts by the Biden administration to shift the nation's response toward a public health model, rather than arrests and incarceration.◈


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0805Y2000822MXR◐Hiring is expected to slow further in the coming months, as banks become more cautious about extending credit in the wake of two big bank failures last month.●C0805X332G2GECAUTO7210◎He did not specify how many of those 28 injured were injured by gunshots or how many of those injured were in critical condition.↴


❦The pardons and paroles board confirmed to NPR on Monday that it has received Abbott's request and his recommendation for a pardon.●TLZ8V2B-GS08➙It's important to tackle emissions from a sector that often burdens low-income residents and communities of color, and that has plans to expand passenger rail, said Air Resources Board Chair Liane M. Randolph.✙0805Y0630222KXR♦At Erdogan rallies, crowds wave the flags of his ruling Justice and Development Party. Supporters say he projects strength for Turkey around the world. In speeches, Erdogan tries to scare people off Kilicdaroglu, alleging that he's controlled by Kurdish militants long at war with Turkish security forces. He calls the opposition a threat to the country's values and says it's "LGBT-ist" — because it seems more tolerant of minority rights.▷1210Y5000332FFT⊙"Consider the evidence and pick a number you think is right," she said. "This lawsuit is not about the money. This lawsuit is about getting her name back."➝

☪However, men don't seem to face a similar weight bias. Some studies even found that white males seen as overweight actually earn more. However, the wage penalty for women seen as overweight was consistent in each study.♧0603J0160104MDT⇓"This was a deliberate, aggressive, overly aggressive move by this pilot," Kirby told CBS News on this week's episode of "The Takeout."▀

♀Before the meeting, Egyptian Foreign Minister Samer Shoukry said that only an Arab-led "political solution without foreign dictates" can end the ongoing conflict, restoring Syria's unity and stability and allowing refugees and the internally displaced to return.➷


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