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ⓛHis dramatic arrest on Tuesday — he was pulled out of a hearing in Islamabad's High Court on one set of charges, only to be arrested on another set — was the latest confrontation to roil Pakistan. He is the seventh former prime minister to be arrested in the country, which has also seen interventions by the powerful military over the years. The move comes at a time of economic crisis, when the cash-strapped nation is trying to avoid a default.♝GRM2195C2A3R1CD01D↽Last December, Gianforte banned TikTok on state government electronic devices. On Wednesday, he added that the ban would expand to include "all social media applications that collect and provide users' personal information or data to a foreign adversary, or a person or entity located within a country designated as a foreign adversary."↯1111J5002P10CQT▕According to the measure in Montana, platforms that offer the app on their marketplaces, such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, will be subjected to fines up to $10,000 a day for violations.☠GA1812A820JXCAR31G●He spent about two minutes in the building before fleeing on foot to a nearby Shell gas station. Around 12:30 p.m., he stole a pickup truck that was left running.

♬Recounting the band's origins, Rourke told MOJO magazine that he had taken lessons in classical guitar but later switched to bass after realizing that the bassist in an early band he was in with Marr could only play one song: "Don't Believe A Word," by Thin Lizzy.↡1808J2500560KDR♩Eight more hours on call.⇞

ⓞOf the idea that black flies are leading to nodding syndrome, Otoo said he disagrees because black flies have been around since he was young. Nodding syndrome, he said, has not.↯

◦"In that sense, the situation playing out in California this year could be a window into the state's climate future, said Daniel Mountjoy, director of resource stewardship for Sustainable Conservation, a California-based nonprofit water group.∴


◊Three climbers were attempting to ascend the frozen Raven Falls near Indian Canyon when the formation broke and collapsed, according to a press release from the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office.⇡1111Y1500240JQT⊕And along with that, I call out loud a set of affirmations. One is that I deeply love and accept myself.↚0805Y0160183MDT▒Thirty-five states have been represented where she works.♡CWR09MC474MC\TR♦But absolute silence is rare outside a controlled lab environment. Even in the middle of the woods, you'll hear natural sounds of birdsong, the running water of a stream, leaves rustling and insects buzzing. These types of sounds could be described as noise, but they are calming to us. And if we try, we can find and re-create these natural sound environments in the middle of a city.♙

➘Trump has consistently denied Daniels' claims they had sex in a Texas hotel in 2006. But he later admitted he reimbursed Cohen for $130,000 in hush money payments.☀1812J4K00122KXT↘The court recommended the Federal Prison Camp at Bryan, Texas, about 100 miles outside of Houston, where Holmes has family.▲


↕KFF Health News, formerly known as Kaiser Health News (KHN), is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues and is one of the core operating programs at KFF — the independent source for health policy research, polling, and journalism.☼S1210-392F☟In an update, police said the suspect, identified only by his initials, K.K., called them from the school minutes after the violence was reported. They also said he apparently planned his actions well in advance, and had written a list of children he wanted to kill.▥0805J0501P00CAT❣Every time you swipe your credit card for a coffee or a carton of eggs, you take out a tiny loan from your bank.➙CDR31BP361BFUS-ZANAE◊The Fifth Circuit's decision could come at any time, and it is certain to be appealed back to the Supreme Court. Under the emergency stay issued last month, mifepristone will continue to be available until the Supreme Court rules again or it refuses to hear the appeal.◘

▬He added that the account has a lot of support from Paralympic athletes as well as audiences.☪FG26C0G2W682JNT00ΘThat included McConnell. After the meeting, he noted that Trump had reached a compromise on spending with then-Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi to raise the debt limit in 2019, and said Biden needed to take a similar approach.☠

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