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✈SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco is repealing a ban on city-funded travel to 30 states that it says restrict abortion, voting and LGBTQ rights after determining the boycott is doing more harm than good.☂

♤The second is federal election law, which caps the amount that can be donated to candidates in federal elections.™


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KBU8A-E4/51❄When asked for comment about the discrepancy, Carson told NPR, "I'm certainly troubled by Haley's apparently unethical decision to distort King's statement about Malcolm X."⇍SQCAEM1R0BAJME£“This is our mistake, and we own it,” Bioré said in a statement. “We let our community down and we let our creators down by not providing better guidance.”☆


►Law enforcement’s overall 77-minute delay came with potentially deadly consequences.»CWR11JC685KBC⊙Armstrong says federal and state officials need the data to identify institutions failing to provide proper health care, nutritious food, or other services that can save lives.⊙IRL1404LPBF▋This year's election came amid a backdrop of economic turmoil, a cost-of-living crisis and a February earthquake that killed more than 50,000 people. Western nations and foreign investors are also awaiting the outcome because of Erdogan's unorthodox leadership of the economy and often mercurial but successful efforts to put Turkey at the center of international negotiations.ⓥVJ1812A300KBEAT4X❐France will make its tank decision based on three criteria, Macron said: that sharing the equipment does not lead to an escalation of the conflict, that it would provide efficient and workable help when training time is taken into account, and that it wouldn't weaken France's own military.☼

⇍The Fold-In was supposed to be a onetime gag, tried out in 1964 when Jaffee satirized the biggest celebrity news of the time: Elizabeth Taylor dumping her husband, Eddie Fisher, in favor of Cleopatra co-star Richard Burton. Jaffee first showed Taylor and Burton arm in arm on one side of the picture, and on the opposite side a young, handsome man being held back by a policeman.◥NE3503M04-T2B-A❦Montana's Republican governor and Republican-led legislature are now seeking to restrict abortion access. Gov. Greg Gianforte and state Attorney General Austin Knudsen are asking the state Supreme Court to overturn its 1999 decision in the case Armstrong v. State, in which it held that abortion access is protected under the Montana Constitution's right to privacy.▩


➦"The rest of the country should be very deeply alarmed, because this is 100% the blueprint for tackling the vision that we have of our multiracial pluralistic democracy," she says.✒VJ1206A561GXBMR▬Viktoria doesn't want to shield Bohdan from this pain, from this hate, that she feels. She thinks of Bohdan, of his classmates, as children who may not get a say in their future. A generation shaped by war.♚NTD4909NAT4G←"What happened this week in Tennessee was an exercise of power used to send a political message: dissent and refusal to conform will not be tolerated," Vanderbilt University's Carrie Russell, a principal senior lecturer in political science, told NPR in an email.✄173D685X0025WWE3❒The allegations against Weinstein surfaced the same day Carroll said she was embarking on a reporting trip for her book, which she originally envisioned as an homage to women who stood up to misbehaving men. The cultural shift changed the thesis of her book and later compelled her to disclose what she said Trump did to her, she said.ˍ

⇐Though the court declined to testify at that hearing, it has defended itself, arguing its members voluntarily follow the code of conduct used to supervise lower courts.◫0603Y1000471KDR☍A region where nearly two billion people rely, in some way, on rivers fed by those glaciers, not just the six mentioned under the Indus Waters Treaty.░

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