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✲The jarring opening of the episode on Logan's face comes from a video he shot before his death promoting something called "Living+," which is essentially a Waystar-themed real estate project that's like a cruise, but on land, and forever. Now, yes, I know what you may be thinking: Living+ sounds silly when they describe it as a neighborhood where every element of your life is managed by an entertainment conglomerate and enhanced with its IP. On the other hand, Storyliving by Disney.➜JAN1N6642UBCA♬These are just some of the stories civilians living under siege the past five days in Sudan's capital Khartoum have told NPR, when reached by phone.⇑VJ1206A100KXEAP⇋"The defendant used 'casting' that involved prayer and energy work," Blake told the jury on Monday, according to East Idaho News. "Often this casting didn't work and the beliefs evolved to zombies. A common theme was the body had to be destroyed."◣1808YA258P20DCTPY2↚Until March, the rules had an exception for private travel and hospitality paid for by a personal friend who had no cases currently pending before the court. Thomas has said he'll comply with those new rules.♨

◑The worst of several scandals involved profits from the building of veterans' hospitals and the skimming of profits from the sale of U.S. oil reserves left over after the war. The latter was named for the repository in Wyoming where the oil was kept, Teapot Dome.▭0805J1000120JAR❥Hospitals have been explicit targets in the conflict. They've been stormed by fighters with machine guns drawn, who hijack the buildings to establish strategic bases for their urban warfare, – and they've been targeted with aerial bombing.▉


♂The Henryetta Public School system issued a statement late Monday saying that "several" students were among the victims.☊AB01BWS➘In South Carolina, Republican Sen. Sandy Senn criticized Majority Leader Shane Massey for repeatedly "taking us off a cliff on abortion."▤C1210X184G4HAC7800╬A co-defendant, financier Andrew Badolato, was also sentenced to three years for aiding the effort. He had also pleaded guilty. A third man involved in siphoning funds from the wall project, Colorado businessman Tim Shea, won't be sentenced until June.➨VS-VSKV56/10♕The African Methodist Church, however, offered Charlotte a scholarship to Wilberforce University in Ohio, Erlmann says. In 1903 she became the first black South African woman to earn a degree there. At Wilberforce, she also met and married fellow South African Marshall Maxeke, Jaffer says.♘

♗Not only that, they have refused to stay silent – documenting the number of deaths and injuries, speaking out against human rights abuses and appealing for support from the international community. A joint statement with partner organizations abroad – including the Sudan Doctors Union-Canada, Sudanese American Physicians Association, Physicians for Human Rights and others – implores that the "international community and international organizations must also act swiftly to secure safe passage for civilians fleeing the war and prepare shelter, food, and medical services for internally displaced people and refugees."☻ISL9R860P2▢Grace Kazarian contributed to this report.⊿


のThe Associated Press noted the quick creation of the hashtags "Dayton Strong," "El Paso Strong" and "Parkland Strong" following mass shootings in the last decade. Each sparked its own array of merchandise and memorials — and questions about whether all the self-branding was beneficial or just repeated until it was banal.◩BC817K40E6433HTMA1⇃"[Attackers see] guns as instruments of glory," says Carolina Ricardo, executive director at Instituto Sou da Paz, a nonprofit working toward more effective public policy related to security and the prevention of violence. "It's more lethal and it's a way to brag, to show power."⇤BS020016VZ30036AC1√Fully automatic weapons have been heavily restricted in the U.S. since the 1934 National Firearms Act — which at the time was directed specifically against machine guns, as NPR reported in a 2018 history.❉2225J0100471KCT➨"Each person should decide what is right for their own family and should grieve in the way that they feel is appropriate and that the state shouldn't be taking away people's choices and forcing them to grieve in a particular way," Duane says. It's the same argument she made in court in 2017.♡

↾The Supreme Court has issued an administrative stay in the case until late Wednesday, temporarily preserving access to mifepristone nationwide.▩NTB75N06T4G⇪Targeting the three for an apparently minor, at least by comparison, rules violation "is a way of calling them — and by extension the votes of the people they represent — illegitimate," Anderson says.❀


▩"Not only that, but if you use certain audios with disabled people, the context changes almost entirely ... and that's the entire page," she added.◘CDR31BP150BJSP-ZANAE⋄TULSA, Okla. — Preliminary autopsy reports show eight members of an Oklahoma family found dead inside their burning home were each shot.⇤CDRH4D28NP-100NC【But officers soon started getting information that children were inside, The Post review found.¤TR3D107K010C0065⇤"We have a law in this country called the Hyde Amendment that says taxpayer money will not be used for abortions, because some people believe in it, some people don't. Again, this is a change in the policy from the White House," Tuberville said.▤

▪Chris⇆FF225R17ME3BOSA1▫Gillis was from Schuylerville, N.Y., roughly 18 miles away from where she died. She had planned to attend college in Florida, with hopes of becoming a marine biologist, according to a statement from Gillis' family shared with WAMC.☃


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C1206C222K5GECAUTO▊The California Department of Parks and Recreation expects this year's wildflower blooms to range from "good" to "better-than-average."♧1812Y6300121KCR×"I have never been prouder of anything I have done in my professional career," Walensky wrote in a letter to President Biden. "My tenure at CDC will remain forever the most cherished time I have spent doing hard, necessary, and impactful work."▄

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