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SR071A680KARTR2▒Earlier this month, Target CEO Brian Cornell said in an interview with Fortune's Leadership Next podcast that the company wants to support "all families" and that its "focus on diversity and inclusion and equity has fueled much of our growth over the last nine years."◇IMC1210BN120K○The bloody conflicts cited by Francis contrasted with a riot of bright colors lent by orange-red tulips, yellow sprays of forsythia and daffodils, hyacinths and other colorful seasonal flowers that decorated St. Peter's Square. The blooms were trucked in trucks from the Netherlands.♡


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4470-24G↟Just one tank — a World War II-era Soviet T-34 model — rumbled across Red Square.♟2225Y0250274MXT⇐The fear of a school shooting is real and pervasive in American communities, given the frequency of these kinds of tragedies, explained Brittany Cooper, another local TV reporter with KMVT. It's always on students' minds. But Twin Falls has relatively little violent crime, and little experience with this kind of threat, she continued.◐

▒It was supposed to be a historic moment for Twitter: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would smoothly kick off his presidential candidacy on the social media platform.▩


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GRM0335C1H4R0CD01J♔Durbin's request for John Roberts to testify is not the first time the chief justice has had to tackle the question of how ethics standards apply to his court. For years, he has defended the high court's exemption of itself from the ethics rules governing the rest of the federal judiciary (and others in the federal power structure).㊣JANTX1N5711-1↖Woods "made the cut" — meaning he played well enough in the first two rounds of the tournament to move on to the second half — for the 23rd consecutive time, tying the record for the most made cuts of all time with Fred Couples and Gary Player.♂

↠Biden also cast himself as the antidote to what he implied was a rising tolerance for racism, directly mentioning Donald Trump's infamous characterization of the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville as "very fine people on both sides."➣


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