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AS3PD-M3/87A✐In what he characterized as a "very Hank Green thought," he added "this is the best time in human history to get lymphoma."▀C440C153J5G5CA7200▫Kaplan recounted the testimony of two women who say they too were attacked sexually by Trump.の


☼Jean-Pierre added: "No one should be attacked, imprisoned, or killed simply because of who they are, or who they love."↤C324C430GAG5TA➪ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — Pope Francis said Sunday the Vatican was willing to help facilitate the return of Ukrainian children taken to Russia during the war, saying the Holy See had already helped mediate some prisoner exchanges and would do "all that is humanly possible" to reunite families.☈GA1206A391FBABT31G➱In addition to Italy and Germany, arrest warrants were also served in Belgium, France, Portugal, Romania and Spain, while raids were also conducted in Slovenia.♦GJM0335C2A3R8CB01W✉She took to Twitter and called out her boss in a tweet: "He wasn't even at the meeting this morning to tell us we won't get paid after this week. @jimmyfallon please support your staff."⇤

☼Paul, 22, of Bergen County, N.J., also a poll respondent, said he, too, would vote for Trump even if found guilty of a crime. He similarly dismisses the multiple allegations against Trump.♂C1206C334K3RALTU□Some of McCarthy's House colleagues have suggested the government should not raise the debt ceiling at all. Whether they are simply anti-Biden, or anti-Democratic Party or anti-government, they do not want to be bulldozed into a deal.▦


▣“This is our mistake, and we own it,” Bioré said in a statement. “We let our community down and we let our creators down by not providing better guidance.”◇564RX5RAA752EH501M✣But solutions to keeping student athletes from risking their scholarships through the transfer portal, in search of an NIL payday or for a shot at going pro, aren't so simple.➱BC549CTA☆Dees built up thousands of dollars in medical debt and got help from RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit group that says it has wiped out more than $8 billion in medical debt.↔IPD060N03LG⇜The G-7 economies comprise only a tenth of the world's population but about 30% of economic activity, down from roughly half 40 years ago. Developing economies like China, India and Brazil have made huge gains, raising questions about the G-7's relevance and role in leading a world economy increasingly reliant on growth in less wealthy nations.↘

▁The social media team spends a lot of time looking through stock photo repositories but has struggled to find images of Americans with disabilities using even the most common home safety devices, like cooking in the kitchen.→SZMM5Z10VT1G➷"Thank you ... for representing all Americans," responded the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association.✦


ⓞMARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah.×C1210X7R6R3-226MNE↲The CPSC says the new imagery is one step in that direction — and there's more to come.☠BZX55C16_T50R♀One possibility is for providers to switch to a one-pill protocol. In the U.S., mifepristone, which works by blocking the pregnancy hormone progesterone, is used in concert with a second pill, misoprostol, which causes the uterus to expel the pregnancy tissue. Used together, there are fewer side effects to a medication abortion.☺HC1812CG680J201♠"We appealed to China and presented President Zelenskyy's peace plan," Yermak said. "Of course we can't say that we accept China's plan or political position, but it's good that they are ready to be involved. We are looking for contact between President Zelenskyy and President Xi because we think it's the best way to listen, personally, between our presidents."➫

♪While public backlash against Native American stereotypes has pushed professional sports teams in Washington, D.C., and Cleveland, Ohio, to change their names, there remain countless high schools across the U.S. that continue to use Native American-themed mascots and logos.♂1210J0500473MXR✙But the justices, for now, left the case in the hands of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has scheduled oral arguments in the case for May 17. However the 5th Circuit rules, the case will almost certainly end up back at the Supreme Court, with the potential for a decision in the case next term.▣


✿That reading of the Comstock Act could have implications for people in all 50 states, says Mary Ziegler, a law professor at the University of California, Davis.★M39003/01-3009/HSD♛In just a day, Hayes' post blew up and got on the radar of Nashville business owner and local mom Marcie Allen Van Mol.▨C11AH680J-8UN-X1T↽Residents and officials in the Pacific Northwest have become more vigilant about heat wave preparations after some 800 people died in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia during the heat dome weather event in late June and early July 2021. The temperature at the time soared to an all-time high of 116 F (46.7 C) in Portland and smashed heat records in cities and towns across the region. Many of those who died were older people who lived alone.↢1808Y2K00151JXR✏Cena remembers saying he'd do it on TV — and his brother daring him.⇔

↑DeSantis’s open antipathy toward “corporate media” is a key part of his brand. A DeSantis spokesman characterized the proposal as part of a push to enforce “media accountability.” The bill’s author told The Washington Post free speech concerns are overblown.▪0603J2000270FQT↼That's great news for the company and its customers, as well as the company's low performers, who are now better at their jobs. But, Brynjolfsson says, it also raises the question: should the company's top performers be getting paid even more? After all, they're now not only helping the customers they directly interact with. They're now also, indirectly, helping all the company's customers, by modeling what good interactions look like and providing vital source material for the AI.➲

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