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28222C㊣California now bans state-funded travel to nearly half of the country following a surge of anti-LGBTQ legislation in mostly Republican-led states.▤562RX5FCJ501EG222K█ISTANBUL — For the past two decades, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dominated his country's politics. He's been a key and contentious player on the world stage. And he's steadily tightened his grip on power in ways that have weakened the country's democracy.

♀Atiq Ahmad was a state lawmaker four times and was also elected to India's Parliament in 2004 from Uttar Pradesh's Phulpur constituency, once represented by India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.◀

⇡The average Italian consumed roughly 51 pounds of pasta last year, says David Ortega, a food economist and associate professor at Michigan State University.▊


Looking back, Reynolds realizes that her mother was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease: "By the time we caught on, it was too late."♦FCMT099N65S3◙Snowden was charged with stealing government property and, like Manning and Ellsberg, for violating the Espionage Act. He left the country in 2013 under the sponsorship of Assange, intending to go to Ecuador. En route, however, he received temporary asylum in Russia and found it difficult to leave without being arrested in another country. He has been in Russia since, and was granted Russian citizenship in 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to consider any extradition orders for Snowden.↡1111Y5001P20CQT⊙The European Parliament, European Commission and the EU Council, the 27-member bloc's three main institutions, have also imposed bans on TikTok on staff devices. Under the European Parliament's ban, which took effect last month, lawmakers and staff were also advised to remove the TikTok app from their personal devices.☪2020R-04F✲Drawing on ancient Malayali Christian communal histories that reach back to 52 A.D. with St. Thomas' arrival in India, this story is about the ebbs and flows of lives across three generations from 1900 to the late-1970s. As various historical events of both British and then independent India unfold, we experience them through the loves and losses of a cast of characters that keeps growing like a nodal system with ever-multiplying branches and intersections.☽

⇒For instance, in Ghana, boarding schools are very popular. Some parents with disabilities have children who don't want them to visit the school. But not my daughters. When they were in school, they didn't hide their mom away. They brought their friends to come and meet me. That was very inspiring.♀1812J0160222FFT♀But Sudan's own people have even fewer options. Thousands have flocked to Sudan's borders, including its northern frontier with Egypt, hoping to escape. Egyptian authorities said Thursday that 16,000 non-Egyptians had entered the country from Sudan in just a few days, and more than 5,300 Egyptian nationals were evacuated.█


▫That temporary order from the appeals court prompted West Virginia's attorney general to go to the Supreme Court, seeking emergency relief.✿M39003/01-2389/TR¤"The walls that she had erected in her mind — the fear that Trump would emerge unscathed, the wariness of allowing him and his allies to come after her, the doubt that speaking up would actually matter, and the nagging anxiety that she was somehow to blame for being raped — began to crumble," her lawsuit says.▧2225Y0250475JXT☍China has considered Taiwan a breakaway province since 1949, when communists took over the Chinese mainland and their opponents fled to Taiwan, establishing a democratic government in exile. The U.S. recognized the government in Taipei as the legitimate rulers of China until 1978, when Washington formally shifted recognition to Beijing and cut formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan.♦FM4749W✲Asked whether he really would want to vote for Trump if he was convicted of a crime, Paul said, "Literally speaking, probably not, but in [this] case, it would have to be like eight past presidents being indicted for war crimes for there to actually be a standard."⇟

➻"We did not see such a truce," Amin al-Tayed said from his home near state TV headquarters in Omdurman, adding that heavy gunfire and thundering explosions rocked the city.⇓GR331BD72W223KW01L➳A man shot and killed five of his neighbors, including an 8-year-old child, inside a home in southeast Texas early Saturday morning, authorities said, after one of the neighbors asked him to stop firing rounds in his yard because of the noise.✏

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