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☺The bill lays out guidelines and considerations for if and when an Ebony Alert should be issued in cases in which authorities believe the alert would help in their investigation.♦

☀Low, from the Times newspaper, said the royal family, as an institution, would very much like the issues with Harry and Meghan to go away.♕


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ER1025-52KP➘And when he bumped his hand against the witness stand microphone, he said a quick "sorry."⊿105-122HS◐Some motorbikes remained intact while others were reduced to their frames or buried under tree branches. In one area, two victims lay close together, one of whom had only one arm still attached.✁

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⏎Big box stores and grocery consolidation have added even more pressure on local grocers. A recent USDA report shows the percentage of grocery sales from the nation's top 20 retailers more than doubled from 1990 to 2020, while the consolidation was more pronounced in rural areas.◘C0603X130G5HAC7867◘Whatever opportunity has come my way to serve people with disabilities generally, and women and girls with disabilities in particular — I never let it pass me by. I work to make life better for these individuals and for humanity as a whole.♙293D686X9010C2TE3⇇Scholz dismissed any notion of discord between allies.➺C0603X300M4HAC7867☃"I truly believe that a lot of us got home because of the way he conducted himself," Melvin "Brave" Brav, who served under Cavazos, told the San Antonio Express-News.▩

⇎Yeti Airlines confirmed that the flight data and cockpit voice recorders — the so-called black boxes — were found on Monday, a day after the plane went down, which could help determine a cause for the crash.▌1N4148UR-1E3⇡Understanding the full scope of fatal use of force by police nationwide is difficult.♂


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C0805X332FMGECAUTO☼Just last week, an EF3 tornado tore a "30-mile path of destruction" through central Arkansas, with neighborhoods west of Little Rock suffering the heaviest damage, according to Daniel Breen with KUAR.ΘS0603-5N6H3C▨James, who is an epidemiologist and engineer, has been studying links between climate and health in the valley for the past 15 years. She found that during dust storms in the San Luis Valley, which have been growing more frequent, more people visit the hospital for asthma attacks. And she has surveyed farmworkers on how drought is affecting their mental health.☜


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