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1206Y1000150JFR✥In addition, new "time and distance" standards went into effect, requiring insurers to make available, within certain driving distances, at least one provider for each of a variety of physician specialties. For example, a large metro area must have enough endocrinologists for at least 90 percent of enrollees to be able to find one within 15 miles or a 30-minute drive.⇅CDR01BX561BKUM▩"[Have] the Democrats become so progressive, so far to the left, they're changing their policies now and they want to put the country in default?" McCarthy asked.▪

➱Court documents also show that on April 6, Teixeira used his government computer to search classified intelligence reporting for the word "leak," which the FBI says may be reason to believe that Teixeira was searching for any updates on potential intelligence about his own actions.▎

➡Former Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio and three other members of the far-right group have been found guilty of seditious conspiracy by a federal jury in Washington, D.C.¤


➸The club's promotion to League Two will guarantee some fresh revenue, in the form of an annual payment from the league's authorities that equates to more than a million dollars. There are also potential payments by broadcasters looking to televise games, as well the likelihood of greater ticket sales.↯ELL-6RH3R3M▪The last week was especially tragic for Ukraine even by the standards of a brutal war that has gone on for nearly a year, killing tens of thousands of people, uprooting millions more and creating vast destruction of Ukrainian cities.™1812J2000680KCT▌"I could not be more excited to be a partner in the proposed new ownership group for the Washington Commanders," Johnson tweeted. "Josh Harris has assembled an amazing group who share a commitment to not only doing great things on the field but to making a real impact in the (Washington-area) community. I'm so excited to get to work on executing our vision for the Commanders and our loyal fanbase."⇘04023C333KAT2A♀On average, more than 600,000 people are reported missing in the United States each year, according to research from the National Crime Information Center. Last year, roughly 546,000 people were reported missing across the country — with 36% of those cases being missing Black youth and women.◨

➚"A wondrously intelligent, entertaining, daring, provocative, mischievous comedy Genius," Morgan added.♙RN1406,LF➶Later at the investor reception, Tom and Shiv flirt intensely, behaving much more like equals than they once did. This culminates in a game of "Bitey," in which they entwine their forearms the way people do when they toast with champagne, and they bite each other. It might be one of the show's most evocative, most bizarre, most effective metaphors for this relationship. The line between actually causing pain and causing pain as part of an agreed-upon exercise is a fine one for this couple. Seeing the two of them with their teeth dug into each other's flesh in front of a room full of people is perhaps the oddest and most compelling picture of their relationship we've ever seen. They're very turned on, they're on the same page, they're having a good time, and they're probably behaving more like equals than they ever have.ぃ


♣At this point, Republicans seem perfectly OK with that. In that same NPR poll, 8 in 10 Republicans have a favorable opinion of Trump, and three-quarters think he should be president again.♐P1812R-823K☞Harris referenced the recent incident of the "Tennessee 3," the three lawmakers in Tennessee who spoke out on gun control. Two of the lawmakers, both of whom are Black, were expelled for a few days before being reinstated.▶GBPC3510-G➡More than half of those surveyed said they used their ethnic group when referring to themselves, either on its own or in tandem with "American."░R7221408ESOO♂Prosecutors say that in the month before his wife died unexpectedly, Chad Daybell signed paperwork to boost her life insurance to the maximum allowed under the policy.º

⇛A final error to mention is that the analysts did not put rigor into thinking about the level of confidence they claimed that they had in their judgments. On all the weapons judgments, the analysts said they had high confidence. But these confidence levels were an afterthought. They were not the result of rigorous critical thinking. They were based on the history we just discussed.✄RCER71H225K2M1H03A♣On what he said in that first-ever cellphone chat:♬

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