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×Now some members of the trans community in Pakistan worry the general public will come away from the movie with the idea that all transgender women have male genitals – and that could lead to discrimination against trans women, who in Pakistan use women's washrooms, sit in the women's section of public transport and prefer to be interrogated by women police when trouble arises.♣1210J1K00271FCR❀While the Khwaja Sira community has been visible in Pakistan for a long time, "now the visibility is becoming nuanced and transgressive and positive," for many reasons besides Joyland, like the trans bill, Sadiq says. "The thankfully changing discourse does bring an unease and discomfort with it which is unfortunate, but that's how conservative societies battle with progressive ideas and elements. It is a long road ... hopefully ... the upcoming steps will not be this uneasy and fearful."⇈1812Y1K00122FCR░Media industry analysts viewed WWE as an attractive target given its global reach and loyal fanbase, which includes everyone from minors to seniors and a wide range of incomes.のGA1206A560GXCBC31G↕Of the idea that black flies are leading to nodding syndrome, Otoo said he disagrees because black flies have been around since he was young. Nodding syndrome, he said, has not.➛

♕Trump has consistently denied Daniels' claims they had sex in a Texas hotel in 2006. But he later admitted he reimbursed Cohen for $130,000 in hush money payments.↕M39003/01-2258/HSDのHe worked alongside other kids with one of North Carolina's most valuable crops. Some of them worked in the summer and went to school the rest of the year, like him. Some didn't go to school at all.❧


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1812R-391H☀Submit your story in the form below or here, and we may contact you to learn more.○GL34D-CT❣In response to an NPR email for this story seeking comment and requesting details about what in particular might have led to the new designation, the company's press account auto-replied with a poop emoji — a message it has been sending to journalists for weeks.☄


↲DACA, created in 2012 by the Obama administration, allows roughly 600,000 immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children to live and work in the country. The program doesn't lead to permanent status, and the Biden administration has called on Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients.↙C331C683K5G5TA↥NASHVILLE, Tenn. — "Son of a Sinner" singer Jelly Roll was the big winner at the CMT Music Awards, as the rapper-turned-country singer took home three awards on Sunday as an outsider who won over fans with his confessional songs.◊0603Y2500680JQT⇗And don't forget about your clothes. Experts say 15 minutes in a dryer on high heat is enough to kill any remaining tourist ticks.☆1812J2500820GCR▣Holly Nicastro of the NIH Office of Nutrition Research says the goal of the precision nutrition study is to help develop tailored approaches for people. "We'll use machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop algorithms that can predict how individuals will respond to a given food or dietary pattern," Nicastro says.➷

☼The meeting with national and local press was held to discuss Griner's return to court ahead of the upcoming WNBA season with the Phoenix Mercury.⇨GMK316BBJ106MLHT↟It took less than an hour on the ground to airlift nearly 90 people from the U.S. compound before heading back to Djibouti at 115 mph, protected overhead by attack aircraft.⇩


↘In Gaza, residents surveyed the latest damage caused to their surroundings, with gaping holes left in the apartments serving as what Israel said were hideouts for the six senior Islamic Jihad members killed during this round. Gaza's main cargo crossing with Israel reopened Sunday after warnings that keeping it closed would force Gaza's sole power plant to shut down, deepening a power crisis.⇧1206Y0630390FCR▽In 2009 and 2010, a new organization styling itself as a journalistic enterprise won worldwide attention by publishing a series of documents from the U.S. military and intelligence services leaked by U.S. Army soldier and intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.♀SMBG4764E3/TR13■"What we were seeing was a very targeted misinformation campaign to the city of Twin Falls," he told NPR.⇢C0805C562M3RACTU▭"The use of force or the threat of the use of force is illegal, except in self-defense," Rapp told CBS News in an interview Friday. "And here that clearly occurred."↧

☈El-Faham shared a screenshot with CBS News that showed the scammers warning users of "fake" apps, asking them — in poorly written Arabic — to "please be cautious, those scammers have a low-tech level, and they are stupid enough to copy our system layout. Keep your eyes open."✐2220Y1K00391JDT▪When John Mestas' ancestors moved to Colorado over 100 years ago to raise sheep in the San Luis Valley, they "hit paradise," he says.➡


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ELJ-NCR27JF⇎"We're really seeing divergence here," she says. "We've seen very, very concerning numbers from Florida, from Arkansas, from Indiana, but we've seen much more reassuring numbers from Arizona and Pennsylvania."☻1812J5000681JDT☂Startled, Canales tells fellow officers, “We gotta get in there. He’s gonna keep shooting.” Martinez also acknowledged the urgency of the crisis, later trying to approach the classrooms before eventually retreating. In his post-shooting interview with investigators, stating he thought children were probably inside: “It’s a school. You’re going to assume there’s kids in there.”✿

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