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❈Justice Brett Kavanaugh focused on the language in the court's 1977 decision that said an employer would suffer an undue hardship if a religious accommodation would impose substantial additional costs on the employer. That, he suggested, seems to be what happened in Groff's small postal office when he refused to work Sundays or religious holidays.☢


➻The northwestern town of Lingen, home to the Emsland plant, plans to become a hub for hydrogen production using cheap electricity generated from North Sea wind farms, Mayor Dieter Krone told The Associated Press in an interview this week.♡NLCV25T-6R8M-EF➷Morishita said the helicopter disappeared from radar earlier than previously thought.░CDRR105NP-220MC☌"The usual practice is to visually estimate how much blood a woman has lost after childbirth," he says. "The health-care provider would look under the woman, look at the linen and make a judgment as to whether she's lost too much blood or not. We know that that is very imprecise."♠MTZJ36SA R0G☎Authorities in southeast Texas are offering a $80,000 reward for any tips that lead to the capture of 38-year-old Francisco Oropesa, who police say shot five people to death in a home early Saturday morning and then fled the scene."の

♨On Wednesday, ahead of the coronation, U.K. authorities imposed the Public Order Act, which makes it a criminal offense to disrupt public transit or lock oneself to landmarks, as well as increases police powers to search suspects and seize property.♝1812Y1000272JFTⓞ"I knew before I started that a large aspect of this race is luck and a large aspect is preparation," Neuschafer told NPR by satellite phone in February as she was about to round Cape Horn, where she faced 55 mile-per-hour winds and seas of 25 feet.♧

☪Regardless of what kind of strep someone has, strep infections need to be treated with antibiotics.↾


☀Later in the day, Kaplan warned Tacopina again to speak with Trump after the ex-president's son Eric tweeted criticism of funding Carroll's lawyer received from a wealthy Democratic contributor.♐08053C472KAZ2A↵How to talk about sex (and consent): 4 Lessons from the kink community★SBYV26CHE3/54➮As for how the Jeep came to be in the lake, the sheriff's department says it hasn't turned up anything suspicious about the incident. The boat ramp the vehicle apparently used to drive into the lake sits after a slight curve from a long and roughly straight rural road.↿0603Y1000560JAR✒The district attorney said the teens will be tried as adults as required by Alabama law when anyone 16 or older is charged with murder.↕

➳At least half of the decline in natural lakes was driven by human-caused climate change and overconsumption. That's a finding, Yao said, that should help water managers better manage and protect threatened lakes around the world.⇧T356E155K050AT⇥In addition, the chronically underfunded FAA is also struggling to replace outdated technology. The failure of a pilot notification system in January led the FAA to briefly halt all flight departures nationwide, causing thousands of flight delays and cancellations that day.

▧Other CIA analysts shared the concerns of Jane's analysts.◫

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