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GCM2195C1K562FA16D✲But it was also the first chance for many reporters to ask the star center about being arrested by Russian airport security on charges of drug smuggling last February. Griner was held in detention for 10 months before the U.S. negotiated her release in exchange for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout.✒FDY1002PZ☺On Sunday, the United Nations said it was sending Humanitarian Affairs chief Martin Griffiths to the region, where food, water, fuel and other supplies are dwindling as the fighting rages on.▐

▦Not only that, the company's customers are more satisfied. They give higher ratings to support staff. They also generally seem to be nicer in their conversations and are less likely to ask to speak to an agent's supervisor.☁

★In some states where Democrats control the legislature, lawmakers are enshrining access to gender-affirming health care. Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a bill Wednesday that protects providers of gender-affirming health care against potential civil and criminal prosecution.◫

▷Economist Lempert said in his research that overweight women started work with lower wages and throughout their careers receive less frequent raises and promotions leading to a big impact in their cumulative wages as they age.⇄


✆Top diplomats, including the U.S. Secretary of State, the U.N. secretary-general, the EU foreign policy chief, the head of the Arab League and the head of the African Union Commission urged the sides to stop fighting. Members of the U.N. Security Council, at odds over other crises around the world, called for an immediate end of the hostilities and a return to dialogue.►77F1R2K▬Other doubts persist as well. While studies have shown that individuals with nodding syndrome, including in northern Uganda, have been infected by O. volvulus in the past, this is not always the case. In some research, the link between previous roundworm infection and the disease isn't even statistically significant.◑VJ1206A1R5BXXCW1BC➞Human activities have caused more than half of the world's largest lakes to shrink dramatically over the last 30 years, according to a new study published in the journal Science. The implications pose risks to human health, economies and the natural world.↲VJ0603D101MLAAT➳As government cover ups became a regular talking point for Kirsch, the researchers abandoned his early treatment project. Two years and $2 million later, he's hoping to organize a sustained legal insurgency against public health agencies, drug manufacturers, hospitals and schools.✤

ღAfter the summit, Yoon said Seoul, Tokyo and Washington are engaging in talks to implement their earlier agreement on a faster exchange of information on North Korean missile tests. Yoon also said he wouldn't rule out Japan's possible participation in future nuclear deterrence consultations between Washington and Seoul to better cope with North Korean nuclear threats.↔C420C912K2G5TA7200♝The safety campaign, launched late last year, is already having an impact, the fire service said, as a recent survey indicates the target audience — mainly young, working males — now see cooking under the influence as a riskier enterprise.□

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