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✍At the trial's start, attorney Ben Crump told jurors on behalf of the Townsend heirs that Sheeran himself sometimes performed the two songs together. The jury saw video of a concert in Switzerland in which Sheeran can be heard segueing on stage between "Let's Get It On" and "Thinking Out Loud." Crump said that was "smoking gun" proof he stole from the famous tune.∎1808Y0160181KDT▫The only time Sousa saw a psychologist was when she returned to Raul Brasil a week or two after the attack to collect the belongings she left behind. Several professionals were at the school to speak with survivors and one convinced her to talk.MLF1608DR27KTD25▋A Russian woman living in New York City was sentenced to 21 years in jail for poisoning her similar-looking friend with sedative-laced cheesecake, then stealing her identification and other valuables.⊟PM105-120M-RC➤The conflict in Sudan erupted on April 15, as two generals went to war over absolute power. Overnight, the generals turned Sudan's capital, Khartoum, into a playground for urban warfare, trapping millions of civilians in the crossfire. In shopping districts and residential areas across the city, soldiers exchange machine gun fire in open streets. Fighter jets have boomed overhead, raining down artillery shells that glimmer like meteoric orbs before plummeting down, destroying homes, schools and factories.▅

◎Wu disagrees about the ruling's importance. "It's a narrow opinion focused primarily on very famous artists and their use of other people's work," Wu said. "I don't think it's a broad reaching opinion."♬C324C131KAG5TA7301✥She filed a second lawsuit in 2022, this time adding a battery claim, after the state of New York temporarily removed the statute of limitations for sexual assault survivors.◧


♢He and crew mate Walter Watson were flying above Southern California. Planes were checking in with air traffic control to learn their ground speed.▅VJ1206A102GXAAR⇂I don't believe that all of these problems are happening to us. I believe they're happening for us. Lonnie Holley is this wonderful artist who uses discarded material to create artwork. He says we shouldn't think of it as trash and garbage. Rather, it's something to work with ... something to make something new out of. It's this idea of narrative change. I like to think of it as "aesthetic force" because you can change people's minds and opinions through this work.⇙CLQ61NP-2R7NC☃Sam Schramski is a freelance journalist whose work has been featured at NPR, Mongabay, and Deutsche Welle among many others.☚103-391FS↡Sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government, Rayyanah Barnawi, a stem cell researcher, became the first woman from the kingdom to go to space. She was joined by Ali al-Qarni, a fighter pilot with the Royal Saudi Air Force.♦

♡"Alcohol addiction is a huge problem in these parts and one that authorities are constantly battling," says the forest officer Mahendran. "I truly admire the courage of these women. They must bear the burden of all the expenses after their husbands, who earn a good living, have frittered away their money on drinks."⇉C1206X472K4RECAUTO7210◩The underwriter supposedly did not want to take on the risk of insuring a business that hosts such events. Mabry said that while insurance underwriters who are writing policies will typically flag a number of things that are risks for a business, drag shows have never been implied as a "risk" for her business.♂


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CKC33C123MJGACAUTO⇦What happened next has been repeatedly scrutinized by Texas lawmakers, federal investigators and community leaders trying to understand the dual horrors of that day: how an 18-year-old former student killed 21 people and why officers waited so long to stop him.↹1825J2000272FCR↿On election night, Fox News's decision desk projected that Democratic presidential nominee Biden would win the pivotal state of Arizona. Trump and his advisers waged an intense effort to get the network to reverse the call. The network and the Murdochs stood by it.↡

➴Sandy Senn believes that legislators cannot tell a woman what is best for her own life.❃


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CDR35BP223AJWR\MⓥThis story was produced in partnership with Nebraska Public Media and Harvest Public Media, a collaboration of public media newsrooms in the Midwest, covering food systems, agriculture and rural issues. Follow Harvest on Twitter: @HarvestPM♬VJ2225Y123KBFAT4X⇊China is Germany's top trading partner, and European nations have generally been more cautious than the United States in taking a hard line with Beijing. However, there are signs that may be shifting as global rivalries grow more tense.⇙

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