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⊙Freight railways are an efficient means to transport the roughly 1.6 billion tons of goods nationwide across nearly 140,000 miles (225,308 kilometers), much cleaner than if those goods were trucked, it said.♩


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C322C683J1G5TA❑Goodman became known for his colorful feedback and distinct delivery, from catchphrases like "pickle me walnuts" to his signature score proclamations of "se-VEN" and, on rare occasions, "it's a 10 from Len."▥2225J2K00471KCT☻Before the program began, about 200 people were protesting outside Nickerson Field, the graduation venue, holding up signs that read ""Protect Residuals Not CEOs"" and ""Private Jets But No Fair Wages,"" BU Today reported."↭

☾"Quite literally the last thing you want is PR where your movement is being associated with violence," Ziegler said.◇


❐"Maybe I could change somebody's life out there," Gillespie says. "[If] I could stop one act of somebody maybe thinking about going and doing a shooting, I could tell them, 'Look, I've been in that circumstance,' and I maybe talk somebody down off of something like that. It would make it all the worthwhile for me."❄8.85E+11⊙"They are highly skilled in getting these lone wolves to come in and do their dirty work so that their hands can remain clean," Burkhart said.◎0805Y0160151GFT░Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin has been cleared to resume full football activities, just a little more than four months after he collapsed on the field after suffering a cardiac arrest.▧M39003/03-4021H⇝In New York State Supreme Court on Thursday, a former model filed a lawsuit alleging that she was raped by Fabrizio Lombardo, a onetime associate of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The suit also named Weinstein, Disney, and Miramax as defendants, saying they "were negligent or recklessly indifferent to the harm that Lombardo inflicted."☞

▄In other developments, the judge said Trump made an "entirely inappropriate" online statement about the trial and warned the former president's lawyers that he could bring more legal problems upon himself.☼C323C160KAG5TA◦DHAKA, Bangladesh — Thousands of people hunkered down Sunday in monasteries, pagodas and schools, seeking shelter from a powerful storm that slammed into the coast of Myanmar, tearing the roofs off buildings and killing at least three people.▓

⇚There are three components to effective drug and alcohol treatment, according to Dr. Sharon Levy, a pediatrician and addiction medicine specialist at Boston Children's Hospital. The first part is medical, which includes seeing a doctor, drug testing, and using medications like buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction. The second is emotional support from counseling to address co-occurring mental health disorders. And there is a behavioral component that, for kids, can include receiving positive feedback from parents, peer support and recovery schools.⇢


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