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1N6080US➟U.S.-China tensions have also increased as China declines to rule out military assistance to Russia, and after the Chinese spy balloon incident.░C0603C560G1HACAUTO▪"We're really seeing divergence here," she says. "We've seen very, very concerning numbers from Florida, from Arkansas, from Indiana, but we've seen much more reassuring numbers from Arizona and Pennsylvania."♪


↾"I don't fit in the box that you all want me to be in. I'm too hood, I'm too ghetto. You told me that all year. But when other people do it, y'all don't say nothing," Reese said. "So this is for the girls that look like me, that want to speak up on what they believe in. It's unapologetically you. It was bigger than me tonight."⊙C2012C0G1H153K085AA⊙The racist optics of expelling two young Black men and saving the white woman was not lost on Republican legislators, as captured in audio of a private conversation that was leaked to and released by the digital news outlet Tennessee Holler.➝PCT.33/16AK❁After a promotion to lieutenant colonel, Gregg was put in charge of the 96th Supply and Services Battalion at Fort Riley, Kan., which had been alerted for deployment to Vietnam.☠1825Y0250183GCT▕"There are no statements in any of those chats regarding stopping the transfer of power ... with or without force," Hassan said.➟

☄Woods "made the cut" — meaning he played well enough in the first two rounds of the tournament to move on to the second half — for the 23rd consecutive time, tying the record for the most made cuts of all time with Fred Couples and Gary Player.↣GQM2195C1H820JB01J♥"We will continue to fight for TikTok users and creators in Montana whose livelihoods and First Amendment rights are threatened by this egregious government overreach," Oberwetter said.⇒


■Context to know: Florida is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Rental and housing prices have increased as demand surges, especially in big cities like Miami. Housing advocates say the law will make only a small dent in improving the situation. The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates Florida is short 440,000 affordable rental units. One consultant told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that the law will generate about 25,000 new units.▩ZM4752A-13◆"It was like being in a war zone," she said, according to the Associated Press. "All I could focus on was reassuring Ted that he was going to be OK and we would put his body back together. We will get through this. We had gotten through so much together up until this point.♠M39014/01-1583VTR2✍New Zealand does have "Predator Free 2050," a federal plan to eliminate its most pressing predators: rats, stoats and possums. There are calls for cats to be added to that plan, a politically contentious issue.⇔C328C512K2G5TA▩"I just feel like I'm not being helped. He's taking the vote for granted," as one Howard student put it to The New York Times on Saturday.█

♡Keeping the backyard tidy can also help reduce ticks in your yard.♥2220J0500680JCR☂Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg alleges "an unconstitutional attempt to undermine" his investigation and is suing Jim Jordan, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, for what he says are Jordan's attempts to influence an active New York state prosecution.❄


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1825Y0100220GCR▪MARGARET BRENNAN: Let's talk about that contagion risk on the other side of this commercial break. Gary, stay with us. We will be right back.↠1808Y0160392KDT☭The salad chain launched its new menu item in late March as part of the company's expansion beyond green salads and warm grain bowls.♦


★"Yeah, I think so," Hamlin says with a smile.⇤T610T-8FP☁NPS is investigating the incident and asking the public to share any relevant information to a tip line. The agency has yet to identify the man behind the incident, describing him as a "white male in his 40-50's, wearing a blue shirt and black pants."✲SR151A271KARTR1☼Perry, who was charged in 2021, was stationed at Ft. Hood about 70 miles (112 kilometers) north of Austin in July 2020 when he was working for a ride-sharing company and turned onto a street and into a large crowd of demonstrators in downtown Austin.☪GMC10CG3R3B50NTD▍"My kids have been on lockdown at school multiple times this year. They are living in fear, and parents are just getting used to the idea that it will happen and it will happen to people you know, including their own kids," Seeley told NPR.¤

♪The attack the West Bank came just as tens of thousands of Palestinians were pouring into Al-Aqsa for midday Friday prayers.⇩C315C201GAG5TA7301✿The "complex" microbes inside the stomachs of koalas are designed to neutralize toxins in eucalyptus leaves that are their main food source, said Mathew Crowther, a conservation biologist at the University of Sydney. But their digestive systems can also neutralize some medicines so "that means they don't respond well to antibiotics treatment," he said.⇚

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