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▬"We have had these campaigns for such a long time," Bhutta says. "Remember, the global eradication program started in 1988 and people kept asking, why are you coming every few months with these vaccine doses that we have already had and then kids are getting the paralytic polio despite the vaccine."☭

↗"Hell-o Mark! Love, Your Pal, Kurdt Kobain / Washed up rockstar," Cobain wrote in silver marker on the body of the guitar. Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl also signed their names.✉


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1808J0160680KFRºMost Republican senators signed on to a letter from Sen. Mike Lee of Utah saying they oppose raising the ceiling without "substantive spending and budget reforms."➜TAJD106K035RY⇤Furthermore, he pledged to work with neighboring governments to dismantle the cartels, backed by the threat of exposing "every bribe and kickback that allows these criminal networks to preserve their brutal reign".⇔

☻Those most susceptible to mushroom poisoning are often immigrants, says Anne Pringle, a mycologist and expert on death cap mushrooms at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.♦

♜The Texas lawsuit, filed by a coalition of abortion rights opponents, raised questions about the process by which the FDA originally approved the drug in 2000.☆

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