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→Internationally, Marin received praise for successfully advocating for Finland to join NATO and for her outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine.➵0603J1000390GAR▪Ebola is an often fatal viral hemorrhagic fever. The disease is named after a river in Democratic Republic of Congo where it was discovered in 1976.ⓛSR155C103KARTR2▷What it will do: This bill provides $12 million for DeSantis’ migrant relocation program, which transported dozens of Venezuelan arrivals to Martha’s Vineyard last year. And it includes a number of measures cracking down on undocumented migrants.⇆T95Y476K6R3HSAL▣"It's just these two countries involved in that war, Russia and Ukraine, but all of us are being affected," said Enaje, who appeared to be well and showed his two bandaged hands to journalists.⊕

☢Social media accounts that appear to belong to Garcia showcase neo-Nazi and white supremacist views. His victims were mostly people of Korean and Indian descent.◎TK12J60U(F)⇒Carpenter said in a strange way, he was grateful to read all the texts. At least they confirmed for everyone else what he'd been experiencing for so long.✍


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CKR22BX331KR-LL▧Toney started one game in two seasons with the Commanders, who said they have "cooperated fully with the NFL's investigation since receiving notice and support the league's findings and actions."⇩511R-42F✎Singh's speeches have become increasingly popular among supporters of the Khalistan movement, which is banned in India. Officials see it and affiliated groups as a national security threat. Even though the movement has waned over the years, it still has some support in Punjab and beyond — including in countries like Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, which are home to a sizable Sikh diaspora.▓


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1111Y3000120KQT♙McCarthy's predecessor, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan last year, a move that prompted an angry reaction from Beijing. Soon after, China's People's Liberation Army staged military exercises, and, for the first time, fired ballistic missiles over Taiwan.○SCTD157K6.3⇈Kristen South, a Union Pacific spokesperson, said in a statement the rail company wants regulators to continue to work with them to come up with a more "balanced" solution that is not too ambitious for the current technology and infrastructure.✪


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C0603C510F4HAC7867☠It was just one of many records posted in the NCAA women's final game. Here are some more firsts from the most-viewed women's March Madness ever:↦KCM55WR71H336MH01K⇢Leaving the open road behind, they will journey through the sagebrush-dotted foothills for a few weeks to their summer home in the Boise National Forest.


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0603J2000122KDR✌A region where nearly two billion people rely, in some way, on rivers fed by those glaciers, not just the six mentioned under the Indus Waters Treaty.⇏C318C302J5G5TA7301⇣Physicians who practice gender-affirming care in Minnesota, and families who've sought it out for their transgender children or teenagers, have said the bill will go a long way to ensure that they can continue to access treatment without fear of other states' laws. Some have said they've already seen an uptick in prospective patients from states where their options have been eliminated.✑


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