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☇The leaves had "this percussive quality," he says. "And I knew that all of these vibrating leaves would create a significant amount of vibration within the tree."☁1825Y1K20121GCR▀A child of sunny southern California, Anger achieved notoriety as an irreverent chronicler of its shadows. He made pioneering underground movies for decades, and claimed to have gotten his start in the industry as a child actor in the 1935 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that starred James Cagney and Mickey Rooney.¤2220J3K00271MXT♧Kurt Cobain's black Fender Stratocaster is covered in scratches and chipped wood. The names of Cobain and his former band, Nirvana, are misspelled. And the guitar itself, which was once smashed and put back together, is no longer playable.✂103-103G☪In addition to her vocal prowess, Turner had a commanding stage presence that was often characterized as "electrifying." This descriptor somehow always seemed like an understatement: At the microphone, Turner vibrated with energy, like a simmering pot about to boil over, and she possessed natural athleticism that translated to lithe but powerful onstage dancing. "Someone once called Tina 'the female Mick Jagger,'" Rolling Stone's Ben Fong-Torres wrote in 1971. "In fact, to be more accurate, one should call Mick 'the male Tina Turner.'" (This is no mere critical hyperbole: In the same Rolling Stone feature, Turner herself insinuated that Jagger studied her moves rather closely when she and Ike toured with the Rolling Stones in 1969.) Naturally, when the pair teamed up for a barnburning cover of the Jacksons' "State of Shock" at Live Aid in 1985, the combination was incendiary.✈

▫A test launch scheduled for Monday was scrapped at the last minute due to a frozen valve in the booster. On Thursday, with 40 seconds left on the countdown clock, the flight crew paused all operations, also due in part to a pressurization issue in the booster.☚4922-26H░There hasn't been a federal execution since President Biden took office.♣


❂So far, everything still looks consistent with Albert Einstein's predictions. That's also true for the only other black hole to have been imaged, the one at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It was also observed by this research consortium.§1812J0160392JXR☺That is not the usual way that information is subpoenaed by legislative committees. House committees, for instance, usually require a majority of a committee or the chairman of a committee to issue a subpoena. But back in 2017 when Trump took office, the Democrats were in the minority, so the 1928 statute was a workaround for those on the committee seeking the documents.♦T86D107K6R3EASLღIn December, CBS Philadelphia reported the Penn Museum helped to make a historic find in northern Iraq — an Assyrian palace in the ancient city of Nimrud. An Iraqi excavation team worked with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Museum to find the palace.◥TAZF476K010CRSZ0845♩But before the Bartlesville church itself could be repurposed, its sacred belongings needed to find new homes. Payne says, "We had to go out to our other congregations in the community and also in the state and say, 'What do we have that you could use?'"↠

⇄But it was the role of Leia — first as princess, later as general — for which she would be most fondly remembered. Though that wasn't her daughter's initial reaction.☣108-273J➪Thompson had lost 32 pounds, or about 18% of his body weight, during his three months at the Fulton County Jail and showed evidence of dehydration, the report says. In addition to an "innumerable number of insects" all over his body, his hands, feet, fingernails and toenails were filthy, it says.✑

☃The golf icon had to have a rod inserted into his tibia, as well as pins and screws inserted into his foot and ankle.♂


→NPR has viewed documents on a number of sites, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord and 4chan.◐0819-46G◦The platform's biggest and final offer was a new "deposit funds" feature, with which users were told they could earn as much as five times the value of their existing investment in just five days. Abd El-Barr was skeptical again, but as it had worked thus far, he went ahead and took the risk, throwing all of his savings into the app.☠SI7218DN-T1-GE3↞Roberta A. Drury, Margus D. Morrison, Andre Mackneil, Aaron Salter, Geraldine Talley, Celestine Chaney, Heyward Patterson, Katherine Massey, Pearl Young and Ruth Whitfield were killed.↞GA1206A332FBBBR31G▬McCarthy had earlier on Tuesday insisted he would not make any changes to the bill. However, a group of midwestern lawmakers descended on his office to voice opposition to the bill's provision to repeal tax credits for ethanol production, arguing farmers in their districts rely on them. Separately some conservatives pushed leaders to ramp up work requirements for adults without dependents who receive safety net assistance like food stamps.↤

¤Of the $11 billion of advertising revenue that radio pulled in last year, about $2 billion went to AM stations, according to BIA Advisory Services, which conducts research for broadcasters. Some of the country’s most lucrative radio stations still are on AM frequencies, mostly all-news or news and talk stations in big cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.↨F971E156KNC√Officials plan to order inspections of registered addresses "to check whether there exist conditions for safekeeping," anti-crime department officer Bojana Otovic Pjanovic said on Serbian state TV network RTS. "If not, the guns will be taken away and punishment will be rigorous."⇏


♂All of the children in Sahan's kindergarten class, whether they left Ukraine or stayed, have experienced trauma in the last year. Coping with those difficult circumstances can manifest in very different ways in children, explains Maryam Kia-Keating, a psychologist and professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara who studies refugee and immigrant populations.☻2220Y0630121GFT◇And the biggest fallout could be with women, like Tiffany Sheffield, who live in the suburbs.⇠C317C430FAG5TA7301✍Yet, despite the panoramic coverage of a momentous modern historical period of the Indian subcontinent and the inclusion of vital East-West encounters in various plotlines, this is not a narrative of overt political resistance against the colonizers and their local accomplices. While Verghese sprinkles critical observations about how they exploited India, the Western characters are far from villainous caricatures. Towards the end, Verghese shows his sociopolitical leanings more clearly by bringing in the formative phase of the Naxalite movement as it spread from West Bengal to some parts of South India, including Kerala. Initially, this also reads like a parallel narrative deserving of an entire novel. Trust — Verghese loops it back smoothly onto the story's central spine.➘RD3.9ES-T1-AZ☁There have been conflicting reports about whether the pasta was cooked and then dumped, or if it merely grew soft and limp from rainfall. Shah says the city believes "several hundred pounds of uncooked pasta" was taken out of its packaging and dumped on the ground.⇡

✏Some sections of a border barrier were built by We Build the Wall on private lands, but the nonprofit is now defunct.┱CC0805JRNPOABN270↳But since many mushrooms across the world produce the lethal AMA toxin, ICG hypothetically should help treat poisoning from them all.♗

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