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➵If Protasiewicz wins, a legal challenge is expected to the state's current legislative and congressional district maps. State legislative maps have been drawn to benefit Republicans since 2011.◈


◇He practiced law in Cincinnati, eventually getting elected to the city council in 1971; by 1974 he had to resign, admitting he'd paid a sex worker by check, but was re-elected in 1975. And in 1977, he served for a year as mayor of Cincinnati.◥SRA505GP-TP☠But here's what might surprise you — and what delights me as an astrophysicist: The positions of the stars have changed since then, not because the stars themselves have moved around, but because Earth's view of them has changed.⇅P160-152KS▉A piece of wood fell over them. So did a mirror. "We were fine and just thankful that we made it out alive," Milam said.✍C901U150JZNDAAWL35☁But it was the text on the cover that best captured the crowdsourced mourning that would soon consume not just the city, but the nation.☊

↽Nick Smith, an attorney for defendant Ethan Nordean, cited "nearly constant attempts to lure you into rendering a judgment based on anger" about the defendants' right-wing political views and inflammatory language.✐784778022♦The pair then returned to the public gaze on the long balcony at the front facade of the building. Thousands of supporters that had lined the streets were permitted to draw near to the front of the palace, thronging the open area but held back by dozens of police and towering railings.▨


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1206J0160330FCR☼On Wednesday, the 34-year-old freshman Congress member appeared in a court in New York and pleaded not guilty to 13 felony charges in a separate case against him.▭SDURF1040CTR▯Any new construction seven stories and under would not be permitted to install fossil fuel equipment, though large commercial or industrial buildings 100,000 square feet or more would be exempt. By 2029, the ban would apply to all new construction.⇈


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CDR32BX472BKZSAJ☌NASA has a vested interest in seeing Starship succeed: The agency is paying SpaceX to develop a reusable moon shuttle, though that mission is still likely several years away.▋B82442H1475J♪Their efforts were initially slowed by powerful winds that made it difficult to fly water-dropping aircraft, but officials managed to deploy helicopters in the afternoon.▤


◈Galbo says the commission is committed to its audience on Twitter, while looking for additional platforms to join, too. Its signature PSAs could soon be making their way to sites like Tumblr, Mastodon or BlueSky.✦C1210X273J5JACAUTO₪""The point is, the more people who set off, the more people risk dying,"" she told RAI state television late Monday.☃PA4305.823NLT▌His death was confirmed Saturday by the Sydney hospital where he spent several days with complications following hip surgery.▤VJ1812A332JBAAT4X⇊"This is not drought anymore — this is truly the aridification of the West," Simpson says. That's how scientists are describing a long-term trend toward persistent dryness that can be stopped only by addressing human-caused climate change.▤

☼When the public saw the leaked draft decision, there were protests outside the court and elsewhere. There were furious editorials and shouting matches on cable TV. Some theorized that whoever leaked the draft was trying to prompt protests and intimidate the majority supporting the draft decision.☞ILC0402ER2N7S◘By his teens, he was settled in New York City and so obviously gifted that he was accepted into the High School of Music & Art. His schoolmates included Will Elder, a future Mad illustrator, and Harvey Kurtzmann, a future Mad editor. (His mother, meanwhile, remained in Lithuania and was apparently killed during the war).☭


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