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➵"And the house — I watched it pick up and move ... about six inches and then pick up and it was gone."웃


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1812Y5000274KET➺Taiwan legalized gay marriage in 2019, becoming the only place in Asia that allows it.⇄NTD4909NA-35G◘Context to know: Florida is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Rental and housing prices have increased as demand surges, especially in big cities like Miami. Housing advocates say the law will make only a small dent in improving the situation. The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates Florida is short 440,000 affordable rental units. One consultant told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that the law will generate about 25,000 new units.⇥


£MARGARET BRENNAN: Would you revive President Trump's policy of separating migrant children from their parents as deterrence?↕SMBJ5938C/TR13Len Goodman, the beloved ballroom champion and longtime judge on Dancing with the Stars and its British counterpart Strictly Come Dancing, has died of bone cancer at age 78.☭CDR32BP151BFURAJ✍9:15 a.m.☺C420C103K2G5TA➥Leading up to the meeting, McCarthy had been critical of the process of discussions with the White House. But his tone shifted somewhat on Tuesday, with the speaker saying he thinks it is possible to get a deal by the end of the week and calling the meeting "more productive" than the one he had with the group last week.✐

✎It was a massive swing from a day earlier, when shares of Switzerland's second-largest commercial bank plunged 30% on the SIX stock exchange after its biggest shareholder said it would not put more money into Credit Suisse.♜LQP02TN30NJ02D⇪The scientists spent months processing and rendering the data to create the "digital twin," which the company says it's looking forward to sharing publicly.⇠

◘Loewinsohn's inspired book is less a reckoning, more a kind of love letter — if a convoluted one — to this mother. Addressed as "you" throughout, she is remembered as an essential, looming figure, the one who transmitted to her daughter an enduring love for the outdoors and nature, for gardening and planting. Divided into three sections, "Dirt," "Leaf," and "Light," the grown-up daughter is now skilled at the only occupation that seemed to animate her troubled loved one. As a child she was unintentionally taught to wait, and wait, for a presence (her mother) that might reappear at any moment, then disappear again without warning. In this way, Ephemera discloses how even something that is learned with oppressive difficultly at an early age can hold value in other contexts later on. Patience, staying, careful attention: These are a gardener's most effective tools.▎


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1111Y1001P60BQT☭Before Teixeira was identified, President Biden weighed in on the matter during his visit oversees in Ireland.▌CBR02C160F8GAC▐Lions wide receivers Stanley Berryhill and Jameson Williams each received a six-game suspension, though they will be able to participate in all offseason and preseason activities, including preseason games. Their suspensions will start at the final roster cutdown.►

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