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⇑Some other states have also dropped many people from Medicaid. But Alker says that unwinding is not going badly in every state.✍


↾But the massacre also left her convinced of something else: “No officer has to save you. They have immunity, they won’t face punishment. This country needs to be aware of that.”➹GRM1556R1H8R2DZ01D█Pakistan's military spokesman has so far not spoken directly to media.◑CWR09DC155KB⊙MAKRIDIS: He began to withdraw from his WMD programs in 91, 92, that timeframe after the after the Desert Storm. And he didn't really make it public.↯VJ1206Y224JXXAPU.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres "condemns all forms of violence and reaffirms the primacy of protection of civilians, in accordance with international humanitarian law and reiterates his call for the military to end the campaign of violence against the Myanmar population throughout the country" as called for by the U.N. Security Council in a resolution adopted last December, Dujarric said.▨

❄Garcia agreed to the terms of the hit and then allegedly asked if he needed to provide a photo of the dead body. He was then arrested by FBI agents.◨1812J0630822JXR➟On one level, in capturing the dissonance between medicine's all-consuming demands and its practitioners' fallibility, I Can't Save You can be read as an indictment of the American Dream as represented by the social prestige of a medical degree that attracts high-achieving candidates of color without providing them the institutional support to fight discrimination, nurture their mental health, or lessen their financial hardship. But, still, the medical profession represents an aggravating factor, not the source of Chin-Quee's deep-seated trauma.☺

☺Since her release, Griner has advocated for the return of all Americans detained abroad. There are at least 54 Americans wrongfully detained or held hostage abroad today, according to the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation, which advocates for their release.⊠

◘There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the rocket launches, which caused no damage or casualties. Only one rocket managed to cross into Israeli territory and landed in a field in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights, the Israeli military said. Fragments of another destroyed missile fell into Jordanian territory near the Syrian border, Jordan's military reported.➭


▓Once inside the uterine tube, the sperm become hyperactivated (for reasons researchers still don't understand) and begin to move more vigorously.→MPSH11_D27Z▏Such celestial events happen about once every decade: The last one was in 2013 and the next one isn't until 2031. They occur when Earth is in the "sweet spot" so the moon and the sun are almost the exact same size in the sky, said NASA solar expert Michael Kirk.➸1206Y0636P80DAR♥"And [Charles'] insistence on removing it is really an attempt to move forward and to assert his legitimacy and hers in the face of all the different criticisms they have had," she adds. "So I do think it is actually a fairly significant thing that happened, the dropping of that word, and I think that is why it has gotten a fair amount of attention."ˍ1825Y0500681KCT▽On Thursday, a U.S. contractor was killed — and five U.S. service members and a second U.S. contractor wounded — when a suspected Iranian drone hit a coalition base in Syria, according to U.S. officials.☣

⇢A public defender for Rush did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post. However, the 34-year-old fought back tears as he apologized in court on Monday, saying he “never had any intentions of hurting anyone.”▨VJ0603Q270KXAAP×Two senior political editors involved in the projection of Arizona — Washington Managing Editor Bill Sammon and political director Chris Stirewalt — were forced out at the urging of Rupert Murdoch. Fox called Sammon's departure a retirement and Stirewalt's part of a larger restructuring. Neither characterization was true.➳


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