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◊“Tell them to f--- wait,” he told officers in the hallway.◘SQCBEA102GAHME▲The ability to adapt to the changing demographics and needs in a community is key to survival in the current, increasingly challenging environment for churches, says Payne, the transitional minister from Bartlesville.♠8230-92↪In search of a solution Albuquerque developed a specialized department staffed to react with a non-law enforcement-led response to 911 calls related to mental health, substance use and homelessness.▍VS-HFA04SD60SL-M3█Industry norms for writing and promoting stories for social media are now gospel in most newsrooms.→

▨Profits were not evenly distributed across Disney's various businesses.▥C0603C102J4GAC7867⇂The IRS, which will receive nearly $80 billion in funding through the Inflation Reduction Act, says it plans to use some of the money to understand "any potential systemic bias" within its compliance strategies and treatments, according to the letter.➯


▎He spent several months in military hospitals enduring treatment more painful than the flames. Even eating was unbearable.➱NTJD4401NT2☟And in the case in Farmington, after the initial shooting of the victim, Dotson, his wife fired at officers from the doorway of the residence, according to the state police. She stopped once she realized the people outside her house were police.♕C1812C224F4JACAUTO➳Later that day, a library staffer left the book on Kreiden’s desk. When she walked into her office to take a look, Kreiden could immediately tell it was older than most books she’d seen.↗SRR1205-390ML➷According to a report released by the Davie Police Department, 19-year-old Waldes Thomas Jr. and 18-year-old Diamond Harley Darville were attempting to deliver an Instacart grocery order on the evening of April 15 but were having trouble locating the address of the person who placed the order.♬

♢NAKHLEH: I had serious concerns and several of my analysts shared those concerns.⊟CQ0402BRNPO9BN1R3❀Iworrigan filmed the happy reunion when the plane landed at the air strip in Savoonga, with both she and her daughter Brooklyn shrieking with joy.♥


☼For Sikes, the feat was a routine part of the job.ⓛATCA-06-471M-H☻Five former Memphis police officers — Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith — were terminated by the department at the end of January. Each of the five terminated officers belonged to a team known as the SCORPION unit, which was deactivated soon after Nichols' death.】GA1812A332GXEAR31G☁Cecilia Muñoz, who previously ran that office during part of the Obama administration, told The Associated Press that Chávez Rodriguez has the job not because of her family history, but because of her own work.✤C0805C472J5GEC7210☞SANAA, Yemen — A crowd apparently spooked by gunfire and an electrical explosion stampeded at an event to distribute financial aid during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Yemen's capital late Wednesday, killing at least 78 people and injuring at least 73 others, according to witnesses and Houthi rebel officials.➞

↺Administration officials announced Thursday they will be soliciting comments for a proposed rule that would "adapt current policies to protect, conserve and manage national forests and grasslands for climate resilience."⇉1206J0630561JAT⇁Noting that Washington is the first state to take such an action, Inslee called the purchase "an insurance policy" in case the drug becomes unavailable.✲


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C316C561KAG5TA➘In the first quarter of 2023, Netflix brought in about $8.2 billion in revenue, compared to about $7.9 billion at the end of the first quarter of 2022, according to the letter to shareholders.✡HV1825A271JXHATHV▒The mile-wide "strewn field" stretches from just north of Waite, Maine, to Canoose, New Brunswick. And the mineral museum is encouraging people to go explore it.▔


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C315C473M5U5TA▃Ozanam Center shelter director Victor Maldonado said he reviewed the shelter's surveillance footage after receiving a call about the crash, The Associated Press reported.⇋C410C202G3G5TA☼"These exchange networks have never had much rigorous oversight," said Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at KFF.❂

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